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S10-3T Wireless drops during large file transfers- Atheros AR9285

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Started ‎09-26-2010 by
Modified ‎09-26-2010 by


Whenever I try to copy a large file over the network my wireless drops. This also happens if I even attempt to look at one of the S10-3T's folders, being shared via homegroup, with one of the other PCs on the network, that have large files in it.


The network adapter is Atheros AR9285.

I turned off 'Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power'

driver version is

there is also a Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter # 4 listed


I upgraded to 2 GBs, corsair

I uninstalled most of the Lenovo programs with only these left: NaturalTouch, EasyCamera, OneKey Recovery, Quick Start, and Screen Rotation


The wireless works perfectly for the web (never tried to DL a large file though), just drops when monig large files over the network. It will drop, then come back. I tried hitting Try Again after the connection drops dozens of times and it just would not work, would drop, then reconnect, drop, then reconnect, etc





For Athereos Windows 7 Driver you can use the one single driver taken from S10-3

Windows 7 Driver S10-3


For other Wifi Driver use one of below link.... as long combo driver is broken .. here are seperate driver ..


- IdeaPad S10-3 - Windows 7 32bit  Windows 7 Driver S10-3
Networking: Wireless LAN
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver 2010-03-20 8.05 MB Windows 7 32bit
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver 2010-01-11 7.99 MB Windows 7 32bit
Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver 2010-01-11 19.7 MB Windows 7 32bit
Intel EchoPeak WiMAX Driver 2010-01-11 7.73 MB Windows 7 32bit
Intel Wireless WiFi Link Driver 2010-01-11 5.92 MB Windows 7 32bit


 - IdeaPad S10-3s - Windows 7 32bit S10-3s Windows 7

Networking: Wireless LAN
Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver 2010-03-20 26.5 MB Windows 7 32bit
! Lenovo recommends you to read the Important infomation

Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver 2010-03-20 14.2 MB Windows 7 32bit
! Lenovo recommends you to read the Important infomation

Intel EchoPeak WiMAX Driver 2010-03-20 9.74 MB Windows 7 32bit

Intel Wireless WiFi Link Driver 2010-03-20 6.36 MB Windows 7 32bit