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S10-3l BIOS failure: any solution?

Excuse me for my bad english (if so).




I have updated BIOS from V34 up to V37 and got a "piece of metal" --- laptop simply doesn't boot, no POST, no Lenovo logo, etc. I know that this is BIOS boot failure --- something went wrong during update/flashing and I got "bad" BIOS.


I've searched forum/knowledge base/sites/etc and got nothing --- there are no working instructions: WINCRIS-flash and similar solutions for Phoenix BIOS doesn't work (Fn+R, Fn+F, Fn+B, Fn+ESC, Win+R, Win+F, Win+ESC...).


Is there somebody who had really solved this problem via BIOS critical recovery (minidos+bios.wph+phlash16...)?

Is there ANY solution? And, please, give no answers like "contact support" or something like this --- I want to manually try to fix BIOS before go to the service: maybe someone saves time and money and can give a working solution or so... Smiley Wink

Technical info:


Model S10-3l --- N455, 1GiB RAM, 160GiB HDD, GMA3150... ; prod in 2010 ; Phoeix old BIOS v34 (2ACN34WW) ; new bad BIOS v37 (2ACN37WW).

All hardware before BIOS upgrade worked properly (system hardware-info tools and memtest tool showed up no errors or corrupted HW).

Sincerely yours, Pavel.

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Re: S10-3l BIOS failure: any solution?

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People with S10-3S have same problem and lenovo's support is keeping silence about instructions of bios recovery.

I think you should contact lenovo service center (звони в сервисцентр т.е.).

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Re: S10-3l BIOS failure: any solution?

try this, if it doesn't work, sorry but the solution is contacting lenovo support line as dim666 suggested.

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UPD: just for my interest, I've called to some private hardware-repair companies / firms  --- BIOS flashing via universal chip programmer (or with something like that) will cost about $30 and take few hours in service.


However, I want to bring this netbook into official service as soon as I can have some time to do it.

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I bring my s10-3l to authorized service and arter a week got it fixed.

Mainboard replace by new one - is the solution/fix (info from service manager).



If your trouble is similar --- go to the service. Sadly, there's no manual solution for now. Indeed.

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Re: Finally

You are happy man Smiley Happy My local Lenovo service deny *free* repair of S10-3s which dead after bios flash. I'm already wait 2 week simply to get answer from Phone Tech Support is it wrong (and i'll need go to the service another time and push it with answer) or i'll need spend money to reflash bios. P.S. which Moscow (or another) service you use to repair?
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Re: Finally

Hi Avalone,

I'v sent you a PM. Please check.


T410, x240

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