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Punch Card
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Registered: ‎05-11-2009
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S10 92 BIOS and Fan On Constantly and Annoyingly

Updated from 38 to 92.


The main problem is the fan runs all the time now, even though the S10 is relatively cool.  Very annoying.


Fan begins to run on boot-up of the OS and never stops.  If left on overnight with no activity then the fan will be off in the morning but as soon as a program is started the fan starts again and does not stop.

Again, the S10 is relatively cool and the fan should not start as soon as a program starts.

Perhaps, a BIOS temperature threshold has been set very low.

With the 38 BIOS the fan will go on/off as required and would be off about half of the time.  It seemed to go on as required.  The S10 was much quiter to work with.


I hope this "fan on always problem" can be fixed in an updated BIOS.  Perhaps, the BIOS fan temperature threshold can be safely set a little higher.


It's a Netbook, for god's sake, used lightly most of the time and it should run cooler and quiter than notebooks.  A Dell notebook is quiter than this.

The fan should not run constantly as if there is a 3DMAX rendering going on all the time.

What's DOS?
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Re: S10 92 BIOS Online

@stunpix you aren't alone - i ordered two s10 (model: 4231AUG), and one has the fan working properly, and the other one is behaving how you describe - the fan never seems to turn on, I've had it shut down a couple times due to overheating.   So far I'm waititng to see if any of these bios updates fix the problem, but it seems like no luck so far. I'll probably call customer support soon and have them look at it.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: S10 92 BIOS Online

Can i use this BIOS driver for a S10-2 model?

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Re: S10 92 BIOS Online

Hi BlaZe, short answer no...


sorry no BIOS Update since factory release on S10-2  ...


sincerely KalvinKlein

-ThinkPad X200s - Yoga 2 - Yoga 2 tablet -
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S10 BIOS Version 94 available and recommended



While it has been available for about two weeks, I wanted to note that version 94 of the S10 / S10e Bios was available on the support site for download and would recommend it .




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Mark Hopkins
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Posts: 2,371
Registered: ‎01-21-2009
Location: Germany Hannover
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Re: S10 BIOS Version 94 available and recommended

Hi Mark... that correct...i posted here



my preposter wants to use the S10 BIOS

 for his S10-2 .... Smiley Happy


 nevertheless ...that is incorrect version....the S10 BIOS 92 or 94 is not suppose to S10-2



sincerely KalvinKlein


-ThinkPad X200s - Yoga 2 - Yoga 2 tablet -