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[S10e] BIOS 14cn96ww improves fan noise (imho)


I wanted to give a positive feedback. I purchased an S10e some days ago. The noise of the fan was a bit annoying... I would call it "digital". It seemed to only knew full power or nothing... as described in dozens of posts.


I checked the Bios Version, it was something in the 50ies... I upgraded to 14cn96ww and think its much better now. The fan is running a bit more often, but at lower speeds. Additionally it doesn't change speed that fast and often. From my personal view, this is much less nerve-wracking...


(Wow, when I read the history and the number of complaints, this topic is similiar to the Screen Flickering issue of Lenovo X60)

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Re: [S10e] BIOS 14cn96ww improves fan noise (imho)

I have red almost all post but I did not find any solution. My cooler is still wery loud. I am thinking to sell netbook which is old only a few days. It's a shame for company to have so many unsatisfied costumers.

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Re: [S10e] BIOS 14cn96ww improves fan noise (imho)

Wanted to add my experience of owning an S10e-4333 with fan problems out of the box. Both of my fans (CPU/Chipset) and PCI-e slot fan were grinding. The same noise you hear when your desktop fans start to become low on oil or their bearings go bad. The noise was unbearable and I knew right off the bat they were busted. Coupled with the fact that shortly after boot-up, they ran constantly really sucked.


Went through heck and a month of sending to/from depots due to various screw ups on Lenovo's part. FINALLY got BOTH fans replaced and they upgraded the BIOS to 96 from 94 for me. After it was finally fixed for good, my s10e was really quiet and I'm delighted with it. The "96" BIOS update really made a difference in how the fans run. The CPU/Chipset fan runs at variable RPMs now and not full throttle on/off/on/off all the time. Also, the 2nd PCI-e fan doesn't run much at all. Maybe every 30 minutes for a minute or two and shuts off.


Overall, my s10e is quieter than many laptops I've worked with. All you can hear is wind whirring if you put your ear up to it. That's it. Just using it normally on the table or in my lap, I can't hear much of anything. Maybe the slightlest pick-up in wind noise when the fans spin up to full RPM.


I suspect quite a handful of the posters in this thread are hearing their fans buzzing/grinding and should probably have them replaced if possible.

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Re: [S10e] BIOS 14cn96ww improves fan noise (imho)

Got my s10 more than a year ago. Noisy fan issues started happening 6 months after purchase. I also have a T61 which displayed a fan error message out of the box, worked fine after a restart, and now has the noisy fan issue and high temps.


Learned my lesson and didn't buy a Lenovo branded notebook for my recent purchase, and won't be buying any Lenovo product ever.

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Re: [S10e] BIOS 14cn96ww improves fan noise (imho)

I think the fan kicks in far too early. From the temperatures I see this is the problem. It could be that the sensor is too sensitive and the threshold is too narrow for turning the fan off an on. Hence the constant cycling.

I think Lenovo's problem is that this is a motherboard issue and they won't re design it to help with the fan issue.

I cannot recommend it, but I see no reason that web surfing would ever cause the Atom CPU to reqach its 90 degree celcius temp threshold. Even without the fan. This is in fact a very low powered chip. Seems to me that a better heat sink would have prevented some of this.

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Re: "Solutions"

Hi, it looks like you did a good job with your s10e , how is that copper heatsink working for you?  I am tring to solve the problem, poor design keeps triggering the fan all the time.Thanks for any advice..

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Re: "Solutions"

[ Edited ]

98 pages of absolutely useless topics.

How long it takes for you to realize that Lenovo has no solution for this problem?

If you like to see your name here, keep post!

If you are just a little beat realistic, leave it like this. Lenovo does not give a penny on yours oppinions. Woman Sad

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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

[ Edited ]

Hi all.


Im having the same issues with my S10e. Just opening MS Word and the fan goes on to middle to high, which is too loud to use in


a College Seminar if I dont want to get angry looks from fellow students who are annoyed by the loud noise. If I try to


open Thunderbird with MS Word running simoutaneously it goes to high and it gets really irritating even at home.


Just my 2 cents on this matter. Im planning on selling it, as it is nearly mint.


Best regards

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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo



I know the comments have continued to come in on this, and we never marked a solution in this thread because I didn't believe their was consensus, nor will their likely be.


However, I would suggest several things:


1) Update to the latest BIOS. Lenovo updated the fan operatin through BIOS several different times over the course of the product life in response to the discussion here.  BIOS 94 or later should be good.


2) If you hear a mechnanical sound to the fan, as if the blades are rubbing the housing rather than just blowing air, I would recomend contacting service.


3) There are also some user developed software fan control solutions found in this forum - while Lenovo cannot recommend or support these, a number of customers have found them helpful and it may be worth reading some of those threads as well to see if these are right for you.


 I see almost no comments on fan operation on S10-2 and S10-3 systems, so I conclude that we have listened to customer feedback and have worked to improve operation in newer designs. 


Best regards,



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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

Hello everyone,


I have the same problems with the fan (ok, not the only problems with my S10e, but the most annoying).

I bought the S10e for use in the university, but the loud fan makes it  impossible to use it without disturbing others - especially in library (fan kicks in without ANY reason - also while the system is idleing).


I am using a 95 Bios at the moment. In my opinion this version is no big step forward comparedto the previous ones (5x, 6x).


I called the Lenovo support, but after 1 hour of waiting (i made three calls and waited 50, 65, and 60 minutes!!) no one could help me. Since this is no "real problem" there is no need (and no possibility) to fix or change it by guaranty.


It is good to see, that the new models do not seem to have this problem, but this does not help ME!


I will not buy any other Lenovo product and will recommend all my friends and family to do so.

The problem is not the bad product but the way lenovo deals with that issue. I cannot imagine how a company can afford to behave like thas in these days.


Best regards,

a disappointed customer from germany

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