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What's DOS?
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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

could you eplain how to find this programm
What's DOS?
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Re: "Solutions"

Hi guys,

It there a fix to the problem? Can I just add Thermal Compound to the existing parts?

Paper Tape
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Re: "Solutions"

New Thermal Compound seems to have done the trick:

The stock CPU has a spongy pad (never seen a compound like that in my computing days) My best guess is the clearance between the heat-sink and the CPU was greater than they wanted and this thicker sponge type compound was used as a fix.

I took the original sponge compound and removed it, then I took normal thermal grease and put on a thick layer for the CPU and the contact point on the heat-sink... that seems to be more than enough for solid contact.

I also put a little bit of oil in the fan centre, I just dripped 2 drops of oil from my electric shaver oil lol

Once you have the heat-sink screwed on nice and tight take a peak from the side and make sure you have good solid contact.

From there I put Humpty Dumpty back together and the fan has not kicked in ONCE :-) or maybe it has and i cant hear it?

CPU temp is around 45-50 deg, and even running a stress test on the CPU i cant get it over 55 deg. I'm a little worried i forgot to plug the CPU fan back in as i cant hear a thing lol so double check that step (im not taking it apart to find out lol ill just keep an eye on the temp)

FYI... speedfan is a great CPU temp program


Blue Screen Again
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Re: S10 fan runs too fast, too often, too loud

Hi you have answered another question I have here about not being able to start my laptop. The problems I have had are also what others are saying herte, the fan was loud and annoying and laptop got quitye hot as well. Could it be that the thing has overheated? Is it stuffed now? oh dear what a thought Smiley Sad

What's DOS?
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IdeaPad S10e Fan NOISE FIX

Hi. I found a simple fix for the fan problem.


Open the laptop, remove the fan and under it you will see this:



Just remove it, and pack it back Smiley Wink 


if you dont know where to look for that .. heres another image.



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