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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

2009-05-17, 15:57 PM



Have you tried reflashing with bios 90 or an older version? If the fan does not work you will probably have to send it in. The fan controller applications will not help you. All 3 applications available only over rides the ACPI thermal zone temperature, the actual fan control is done by the BIOS.




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Re: [S10/S10e Fan Problems Collecting Info for Lenovo] S10 fan runs too fast, too often, too loud

2009-05-19, 20:30 PM
LOL Mark wants to bury this thread. Problem is still present for ppl buddy, it not solved.

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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

2009-05-19, 21:36 PM

Hey guys, just trying to give back to the community.


I added a copper piece on top of the procesor and under the heatsink (between the heatsink and cpu, replacing the blue

rubber piece) and also on top of that, I am using notebook hardware control (NHC) properly setted up the fan control,

and everything is working like a dream!  


My laptop is barely hot, just warm when i use it alot, 

fan never went on for like....... 2 weeks alredy i believe but the thing is that

my cpu temp never go over 50 on like typcial task.


So I believe that the nhc program controlling the fan is the way to go.

If you are fancy and worried about heat, replace the rubber piece between the cpu and heatsink with a copper piece

then you will be in good shape (also apply some thermal greese)


Alright hope that works!

Message me back when you guys got any questions


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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

2009-05-27, 20:08 PM

Would this work?


put in a custom low profile chipset heatsink or low profile ramsinks on the chipset and cpu


and installing the original fan without the heatsink


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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

2009-05-28, 15:49 PM
Hi guys, just to ask, does the s10 auto shuts down from heat? Mine seems to do so.

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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

2009-05-28, 16:16 PM

Still no solution - not really a surprise as Lenovo are hoping that this will simply go away, and if they wait long enough (2yrs perhaps) it will indeed die, however for now we must keep on at them for a solution, its simply not good enough. If the laptop needs a new heatsink then they should manufacture one and recall them....


I want to see some action and fast, its simply not good enough.


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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

2009-05-28, 16:30 PM
My solution was to buy an MSI wind...oh and it worked way better than the bios flashes, etc.  ;)

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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

2009-05-28, 17:24 PM



The recent BIOS updates have had complications as discussed in this other threads.   I don't have an ETA on the next version (presently rev 92), but I think it's important that we test fully to ensure trouble free installation for all customers.


As I've said, at some point we reach a point where there are other factors involved here.


1) A mechanical issue with individual fans - customer should seek service.


2) Thermal issue - if you are running an unmodded (no fan control software, haven't altered / removed the heatsink, etc, etc) and you have a rare case of thermal shut down, then seek service.


3) Individual preference for how the fan should run.  At some point, this is NOT a defect, it is the way the system is going to operate.  We have listened and worked closely with some members on this thread to take into consideration their observations on fan  speed plateaus and have made improvements through the various Bios levels starting with 57.


We have some customers whom became frustrated (like Zentech) have have pursued other alternatives.   I trust that having made their point once, that they will refrain from doing so repeatedly as that may start to fall under the category of trolling.




Honestly, I don't know what to tell you.  Some of the more passionate members here may continue to criticize Lenovo and make broad statements to the effect that we have done nothing, ignored the problem, hoped it would just go away, etc, etc.  


In truth I think we have improved the operation substantially, and a number of the original participants here have updated the bios and moved on.  Still, we clearly haven't pleased everyone completely and that's clear.  I acknowledge that point.


Some members desire more control or different operational parameters than Lenovo provided, and I've allowed, and even encouraged the mod thread.  To their credit we have some very skilled customers, and I stand in awe of their personal investment of time and their skill.


It's not my wish that this discussion go away - I think it's been valuable to understand not only the technical points, but to the degree in which the customer base expects an extremely quiet netbook. 


I hope it continues in a constructive manner.


Best regards,





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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

2009-05-29, 22:24 PM
My opinion is that the Bios 67 for ideapad s10e is not a real solution of the fan control. The fan should not run every time on low power mode. But it is really fancy that the CPU makes @800MHz over 60-65°. And at least i don't think that Lenovo can really solve the problem. This is a big problem which they will solve with releasing a new S10, like S10-2. So we, the s10e's owner must solve at own or sell the netbook. Lenovo can really not help us with usefull help.

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Re: S10/S10e Fan Problems - Collecting Info for Lenovo

2009-05-30, 0:31 AM

Either my fan is super quiet or some of yours is noisy.  I can barely hear mine even when it goes to high speed.

It is not high pitched as some were in the past.  I did have an overheat problem, but that was caused by me using

a 9 cell battery which put the front of the computer flat on the table. Put some bigger feet on the front and now no

problem.  With the S10 on my night table the other night, I started an MPG render which took an hour or so, and went to

sleep.  This will put the fan at high speed.  I did not hear it.   

Would love to see some decibel reading comparing all the netpads.




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