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Re: [S10/S10e Fan Problems Collecting Info for Lenovo] S10 fan runs too fast, too often, too loud

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Loaded it on S10 w/ SMART  set to 70, 75, 85 and the S10 now functions as one would have hoped coming from Lenovo.  No longer does the fan kick on with it just sitting idle with no program load nor every time I do a simple lauch of IE or Firefox.  And best of all, NO LONGER will my wife be red faced with embarrasement as she uses the S10 in her class to take notes!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


No new problems to report, just what others have observed running it on their S10.




take a note from dresslerc & carsten for how one should listen to their user/customer base and deliver a solution that resolves the problem.  Given that this is what we've all been wanting, I hope Levono implements a BIOS with similar function, i.e. allow for user configuration of the 3 fan settings in the BIOS config.




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Progress on the Hardware Front

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I finally chose the DIY approach to solve the Fan Blade Interference issue which causes unusually loud and griding noise. I am quite satisfied with the fan now.


If you are interested, please read more in another thread

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Re: Progress on the Hardware Front

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The program works on mine S10. Unfortunately, even the first fan level is too loud - the hissing of the first level is more loud than that of the third level in the video. This is probably due to different fan control hardware in our s10. So, I can only get benefit from changing the thresholds, which helps to decrease the fan running time.


Thank you guys for help.

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Re: Progress on the Hardware Front

Gleb wrote:

[...] Unfortunately, even the first fan level is too loud [...]

I agree - it's WAY too loud on the first level, that's why I was wondering if there is a "hidden" level somewhere between full stop and level 1.


When my fan is supposed to be off, I still think I can feel some light vibration on the left, upper side of the chassis - which makes me think it's some very low level fan action, but it's probably just the HDD.


The program works great though. Only once did it "forget" what it was doing, and turned on the fan even if the threshold was at 75, while the machine was only 43 degrees.

Punch Card
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Re: Progress on the Hardware Front

On the original bios issues there are the following problems on the latest bios with the S10e....


If you shut down windows and close the lid before the system is off it hibernates, then resumes the shutdown when you reopen the lid (be that later in the day, or the next week!)


System doesnt always recognise when on battery or AC power - to the point the battery died earlier and simply turned off the system like someone pulled the plug, complete with the nasty sound of a HDD having the plug pulled...


Come on Lenovo, pull your fingers out and sort these issues or build a system that works and swap out all these dodgy ones for FREE.

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S10e 57er BIOS same BUG as in S10 59er

S10e 57er same BUG as in S10 Version 59er

Oops, there is a BUG in it, that I have not noticed the whole time,

 since i update the BIOS at April 2th, because As I close the display my presetting in EM is Computer goes to standby...


but yesterday i switch this partial off...

Through the different BIOS /FAN tests i made yesterday,

 I was struck by the same BUG in

S10e 57er

 as in

S10 59/58er BIOS!

Normal when the lid closes, the screen should be lights off...

in S10e 57er nothing is happened...


So a belated Easteregg or have i read this over the last two weeks ?


regards KalvinKlein

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Punch Card
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Re: S10e 57er BIOS same BUG as in S10 59er



Could you post the hardware register(s) you're writing to so I can get started on the fix for OSX?  Thanks in advance. 

Punch Card
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Re: S10e 57er BIOS same BUG as in S10 59er



Yes, on the S10/S10e with the latest BIOS the EC register is 0x50.  This register is normally the CPU Temp.  The BIOS or whatever controls the fan reads this value and adjusts the CPU fan according.  What we are doing in this program is continuously (every 250ms) overwriting this value with a known value:


        Fan Speed Off = 50

        Fan Speed  Level1 = 60

        Fan Speed  Level2 = 70

        Fan Speed  Level3 = 80


Every 5 seconds I stop writing the known values to get a CPU Tempature reading.  Once I got the reading I adjust the Fan Speed accordling (depending what mode the user is in).


I hope this makes since?


For the EC writing code I ported the EC code from*checkout*/tp4xfancontrol/tp4xfancontrol/source/por...

Maybe you can use this code directly in OSx?


I have registered for an SourceForge project so I can post the code.  Waiting on approval currently.



Let me know if you have any other questions.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: [S10/S10e Fan Problems Collecting Info for Lenovo] S10 fan runs too fast, too often, too loud



using S10 with bios 58. some observation for version

1. the battery/AC icon on the system bar failed to recognise the battery after several minutes of pgm usage. battery and AC both plug in. battery fully charged. if i unplug the AC, the system still runs but icon still show AC i/o battery. only solution is to unplug the battery and plug back in.

2. cpu temperature jumps over a small period of time (read error?) b4 going bk to normal. period between 2-3 seconds. however, this resulted the level 3 fan to kick off on level 1 temp (under smart option)

3. level 1 fan is really loud. any way to go arnd this like level 0.5? Smiley Happy


overall im very pleased with your program. i still keep a low temperature for the fan to start but happier knowing i can control the fan at will when in public/meeting areas. thanks for the effort!


Punch Card
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Re: S10e 57er BIOS same BUG as in S10 59er



Hi I just wanted to ask if there already is a version for the S10e with the Bios 57 (register 0x51). Or a possiblity to make the changes oneself for the Verison 1.0.0.


I really appreciate your work.


Thanks and Greetings 



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