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S12 Fan Question

Hi, I recently bought a Lenovo S12 with the VIA Nano (and upgraded the RAM To 3GB) and i've been noticing over the past week that it has a fairly loud fan.  I looked online for more info, but it didn't seem like there was much so I'm just posting my observations to see if anybody else has thoughts on whether or not my computer is acting up.


I noticed with things like video chatting (over Gmail) the fan noise gets pretty loud.  Both my MacBook Pro and Lenovo T400 tend to get slightly louder with video chatting, but the S12 can get considerably louder.  Granted the MBP and T400 are certainly more powerful machines, so i don't really know...


Once the fan turns on, it doesn't seem like it turns off; there's always a little whirring sound going on.  However, when i close my computer's lid, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on, often times, the fan noise stops.


Lastly, sometimes when the computer is idling, the fan speed and noise rapidly increase and then go back to a quieter normal (but again never turns back off).


Any thoughts?  I'm pretty sure there is an issue with my computer, but just wanted to see what your thoughts are.  Is there anything I can do to fix it myself?  Or will I have to send it back for repairs?  I'm hoping I dont have to as I'm supposed to be giving the computer as a gift to someone out of state in a week.  


Thanks in advance,





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