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Re: S205 and audio static; RAM


its about 2 month left ... @ German Thinkpad-Meeting Düsseldorf.. i do this on an Ideapad S205

User tells me he have sound distortions/electrical dizzling noise when he plug in headphones ..without music is on, when idle...


...Warning you have to dissect your S205... its on your own risk to do or not to do..if its ok for you try this one.....


 ok ... what to do ? & needful things !  

piece of paper(or insulation tape)



no two left hand

ambition/knowledge of dissassemble S205

ok.. lets do it  dissasemble with help of the HMM Manual you found here

 remove   ...palmrest, keyboard , upper keyboard frame , see pic 1.locate

the upper right corner srewhole above the HDD... marked yellow

S205 Uncovered Sound Distortion 001.jpg

get a small piece of paper or stripe of insulation tape.. 

 insert between lower case and mainboard ,next of screwhole near power plug...

size of this piece of insulation should be 5mm x 5mm only

 need to insulate between cover <> mainboard contact ...

S205 Uncovered Sound Distortion 002.jpg

slightly lift the mainboard so that you can push the paper between the gap..

cut a hole with screwdriver (the hole for the screw)

be sure that paper is fixed between cover and mainboard Smiley Happy

S205 Uncovered Sound Distortion 003.jpg

 ... reassemble your S205 ... plug in headphones


 ...start your engine...  hear the difference ... Smiley Happy   no sizzling crackling... .



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Re: S205 and audio static; RAM

Thanks for the DIY mod.  I'm tearing down the system this weekend anyway (to increase the RAM from 3GB to 6GB), and this will be easy to do while everything is apart.

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Re: S205 and audio static; RAM



YOU ROCK!  Wonderful, wonderful silence!  No more sizzling/crackling/buzzing!


Simple/easy to do (I used electrical tape) ... particularly since I was going into the case anyway.


It is sad that the Lenovo Depot isn't aware of this fix.


* * * *


As for the RAM upgrade.  I can confirm that 3GB isn't enough to run Windows 7 x64 ... too much swapping.  OTOH, 6GB is really, really sweet.  It makes me SO much happier about my purchase.

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Re: S205 and audio static; RAM

Excellent Mod!


do you know if this will fix the design fault which appears to stop the headphones working all together?


My friend has one of these 205's and the sound has not worked since day one.


I have tried all the above fixes and more before you ask


Thanks in advance



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