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S41 - Fan constantly running

Model: Lenovo S41  


The fan has been a problem the past several months and has increased in the past few days. If I do anything remotely intensive, the fan starts running which really slows down the laptop to the point where I literally can't do anything. Any solutions? 




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Re: Fan constantly running

That is usually caused by the vents that allow air to be drawn over the CPU heat sink being clogged with dust   Once the CPU gets hot, the system will slow down, and eventually just shut down to protect itself from a meltdown.     I would try using a vacuum cleaner hose and a can of computer cleaning air to blow/suck out the dust and see if that helps.    


I that still fails, you may have to remove the base cover (see page 34 of the Lenovo S41/U41 Hardware Maintenance Manual) and clean the fan manually.    


In rare case the heat sinks fail, or the thermal heatsink compund beween the CPU and the heat sink cracks and fails to transfer heat to the heat sink efficiently, mut most likely you will find the system is full of dust.


Lenovo used to have a fan cleaning program in the Lenovo Energy Managment software, but I think it removed it for some reason.    It is supposed to run the fan backwards and forwards at high speed to try to clean the dust, but if it is really plugged, it probably will not work.


Good luck.


Lenovo S41/U41 S41-35 S41-70 S41-75 U41-70 Hardware Maintenance Manual


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