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Lenovo Staff
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I recently got my IdeaPad S410p and I changed the HDD to an SSD right away. After changing it I can't find the drivers for the F7 key or the flight mode key; everything is functional except for that key. Please help.


Those keys are hotkeys and needed the software below (Lenovo Energy Management) to ensure the keys work properly.


Windows 8 / 8.1

 Lenovo Energy Management Driver     


WIndows 7

 Lenovo Energy Management   


Please note that if your operating system had been changed to Windows 7 the Flight Mode is not available but there will be a window that will pop up for you to choose if you wish to choose to activate WLAN.

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Hi! My Lenovo flex 14 also got this problem after I update it to win 8.1 first update. I already download and install the driver, but the problem still exists. Any other solution?