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I just purchased an Ideapad S415 Touch.  The wiFi connection drops often.  It still shows that it is connected, but there is no internet pages load, email stops working, etc.  


If I hit "disconnect" on the connection, then hit "connect" again, it works great probably for a few more minutes or an hour or whatever.  


I went into "properties" and changed the settings on roaming and power management per an article I found on this site.  I think this may have helped a bit, but it's still happening.  



If at any point that you face similar to the issue please try the methods below.


  1. Uninstall the current Lenovo Wifi Driver
  2. Download & install the drivers from the below Link
    - Wifi Drivers (Win7)
    - Wifi Drivers (Win8)
    - Wifi Drivers (Win8.1)


If the above doesn't work for you, try disable WMM by following the steps below.


  • Right click on the Windows icon on lower left corner in Desktop mode
  • Go to Control panel
  • Click on Network and Sharing Center and sselect your wifi connection
  • Select "Properties" once WiFi status box opens
  • Select "Configure" and then "Advanced"
  • Scroll down through properties to WMM, then set it to "disabled"

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Do you of another compatible wifi card preferably a wifi/bluetooth combo card that I can purchase to replace this problematic card?  I want to get a different model that will work w/o disabling WMM.


Why does Lenovo locks the bios to any wifi card what is not on their whitelist? I need to know the specific card that will work..



This laptops is a gift the the non-tech person will not know how to fix this problem if it comes back.



Thank you.