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S500 Touch - Need help with my laptop - Black screen

I really need help! I have a Lenovo ideapad s500 touch laptop with a i3 processor. Yesterday when I turned my laptop on there was only a blank screen. I tried various methods to resolve this issue, including draining my battery life to zero and plugging it back in. Eventually, I used an HDMI cable to connect to my tv. At first it didn't work but I spam pressed various buttons, including f8, shift+f8, and fn+f8. Eventually I got my laptop to display the screen normally on my tv. 


I then decided to system restore my operating system (I have windows 10) to last weeks updates hoping it would make my laptop screen work again. The system restore went fine and  it restarted on its own. Then, my screen stopped displaying on my tv and it said no signal was found. Also note that during the system restore while it was working properly with my first tv, I plugged my HDMI into a secondary tv and couldn't get the laptop to display anything and it said there was no signal found. 


Now I'm back at square one so to speak and I can't get my laptop to display the screen on any tv. While I'd sure love to get my laptop to work properly, at very least I'd really like to be able to once again display the screen on a tv. Also please note that the the laptop screen does light up (it's just a black screen) and while the screen was being displayed on my tv the touch screen on my laptop worked fine. If anyone has solutions or suggestions I would really appreciate it! 



Suzanne U

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