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Paper Tape
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Slow Download Speeds On My IdeaPad S145

 Hello All,

           I have an IdeaPad S145 I purchased new about 4 months ago. It is set up next to my wifi router. Since I have owned it my ISP has sent a tech here five times because of slow and eratic connection speeds. I use it on wifi. When ever I call the ISP they tell me that the signal is bad. Then when the techs come they tell me the signal if fine. I called again a few days go. The ISP call center told me again, bad signal, but this time packet loss. 

         The ISP says I should get 200mb/sec. I know you never get what they say. But on the speedtests they tell me to do, I have been getting anywhere around 39 to 110 mb/sec. Averaging usually around 54mb/sec. Pings are erratic also, averaging around 10 to as high as 39.

          So today another tech comes. He showed me signal was fine. He replaced the wifi router. Then spent a lot of time running tests. He said it looks like something is wrong with my laptop where is cannot support the speed. I told him it was new. He then connected his laptop to my wifi. His was a Lenovo also. He got speeds around 180 to 190 mb/sec.

        Can it actually be my IdeaPad does have a issue? Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I called Lenovo tech support last week. They had me uninstall the Realtec driver and reinstall it in device manager. That was about it. I also switched off my antivirus to see if it was that slowing things down. It had no effect.

Paper Tape
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Re: Slow Download Speeds On My IdeaPad S145

I am facing the same problem with my S145. I have another computer (lenovo 320), and conects to 200mbps (and higher) without any issue, in the same wifi network (5Ghz).


I also connected my tablet and smartphone, all conecting at high speed.


However, when I connect the S145, it gets only 80-120 Mbps.


All devices were located close to the router (3 feet), so it is not a matter of barrier or interference.


I already reinstalled the wifi board driver, but the problem persists.

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