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Swapping Fn and Ctrl on IdeaPad U330

After reading the review of new IdeaPad U330 I understood that the "Fn" key is in the left corner of the keyboard, this is a big problem for users that often are using classic keyboards (on desktops at work or home) and switching to the notebook (at school).


I am waiting for my IdeaPad U330 that I was billed for,  but I feel that I`ll have problems with the "Fn" key, so:


I request Lenovo to make a change in BIOS or somewhere else for swapping the functions of "Fn"  ant "Ctrl" keys, there is no problem for me if on the key it will be written something else, but the user has to have the possibility to choose!


Other user please sustain me here!


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Re: Swapping Fn and Ctrl on IdeaPad U330

I have been switching between the different key settings, and really, it's not much of a deal at all. You might make 1 or 2 mistakes during the first few minutes, but you'll quickly switch over. Also, as far as I know, Lenovo/IBM has been using this keyboard layout for a long time. The fact that they didn't make any changes during all that time makes me believe there is little chance they'll start doing it now.


Perhaps you should try out the keyboard first before making a judgement.

What's DOS?
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Re: Swapping Fn and Ctrl on IdeaPad U330

 I bought a Lenovo U330 and regret it badly mostly because of the Fn Ctrl issue and support do not keep the drivers up to date.


This is the last Lenovo Ideapad for me. I see other makers of notebooks do not mess around with the very important key LeftCtrl. The thing that it is not even optional in the bios to change it to normal, is just plain ignorant from the Lenovo people.


Bye bye Lenovo, you can play in your own little world. I have no time to play your game.


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Re: Swapping Fn and Ctrl on IdeaPad U330

[ Edited ]

contact middleton

he managed to make ctrl-fn patch for y550, maybe he can as the same for u330.
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