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What's DOS?
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The best HDMI to VGA adapter

I have a U510 with the useless mini-VGA and no adapter has worked for that, so now I am looking for a good HDMI to VGA adapter. What is a good one for under $40? (Online or at Best Buy, RadioShack, or Staples)


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Re: The best HDMI to VGA adapter

There's no such thing as a HDMI to VGA adapter. HDMI is purely digital signal, while VGA is pure analog signal. You'd have to get a converter that not only could change the shape of connector, but also decode digital sitnal and encode is as analog one. I don't even know if anybody makes such a thing. Why would you use VGA anyway? HDMI is superior in quality and functionality. VGA is susceptible to e-m noise too.

EDIT: Ok I did look it up, and there are HDMI to VGA converters. I must admit I'm surprised. Still, I'd avoid it if possible. If you do need it, I can't recommend one as I never used one, but maybe using the one you can get from Lenovo might be a good idea?

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