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Blue Screen Again
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Touch Screen intermittently working (IdeaPad S510p touch)

I have the IdeaPad S510p touch, which seems to have a similar problem as other Lenovo models where the touch screen seems to stop working intermittently.  It seems to stop working after a while or after it has been sleeping.  It starts working again randomly.  I tried downloading a driver for a different model, but it didn't load or allow me to open it.  I just got this computer a few days ago.  I'm not sure if it is better just to take it back to the store, but I am concerned that this problem will exist even if I exchange it for a new one...

What's DOS?
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Re: Touch Screen intermittently working (IdeaPad S510p touch)



I have an ideapad S510p, about 4 months old.


Today, the touch screen stopped working. In the middle of using an app and using the touch screen.


I searched all through settings and can't find anywhere to adjust its settings or anything. 

And in fact I saw that this computer "Has no touch/pen screen", which it does.


Or it did until about an hour ago.


I am relatively clueless but i'm learning. And would like some instruction/options.




Blue Screen Again
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Re: Touch Screen intermittently working (IdeaPad S510p touch)

Hi john,


Sorry, I wish I had a better answer for you... we ended up just taking the computer back to the store and trading it in for a new one.  We found when our touch screen stopped working, it seemed to be right after it slept... as opposed to starting it up after a complete power off.  However, it was not consistent.  We ended up trading in this model twice - now on our third one and it is not perfect (because the mouse clicks and moves when you are typing on the keyboard), but it generally functions so we kept it.  When I first had this issue, the other problem was that we bought it from OfficeDepot and this model didn't seem to be available anywhere else and so there was very little information out there on how to fix problems.


Again, sorry.  wish i could be more helpful with an actual solution...


thanks, J

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