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Paper Tape
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U150 intermittent touchpad failure-terrible customer service in Philippines!

Bought my U150 in December. Have found the touchpad intermittently becomes sluggish, or doesn't respond to my touch.  This happens most of the time, but not every time.  I can't tell if it's related to temperature of the computer, whether the machine has been restarted recently (sometimes I hibernate or just standby for a day or two in a row), or humidity.  I don't think it's related to any of those things.  When it happens, it lasts my entire computing session (few hours).  The way I keep computing is to use the left and upper edges of the touchpad, which respond better.  The edges on right and bottom also respond a bit better.  However, none of it is ideal.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers.  I have rolled back to the older driver.  None of this makes a difference: it still fails most of the time. 


I called customer support, initially in Georgia, USA, got forwared to the Phillipines (why are there no customer support centers in the US or Canada for these?!?!)  When will companies understand that customer service just is not the same in developing countries??).  After nothing more than reinstalling drivers, I was told it was a hardware issue.  There was no discussion of the exact nature of the problem, no real problem-solving.  Her only answer was to send my laptop in to the service center, which will take at least a week.  Also, that will of course require me to remove my files and reinstall them, to avoid data loss or theft.  THAT also takes a week!!


Given Murphy's Law, when my comptuer gets to the service center it will not have the problem.  I am certain they will send it back to me having done nothing to it.


Does anyone else have this problem with their U150 touchpad?  Can someone from Lenovo give me a responsible answer? There are no posts about this specifically.


I wholeheartedly agree with other customers who have noted poor customer service from Lenovo.  I went with this company because of a certain reputation for quality.  Apparently, I was sorely misguided.  I am a vocal person, and will spread the word about Lenovo's disgraceful service.   





Lenovo Technology Partner
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Re: U150 intermittent touchpad failure-terrible customer service in Philippines!

What "real problem solving" have you expected? Judging from you description the touchpad is defective, so it should be repaired in a service centre.

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