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My AC Adapter is already plugged into the U310 and the power is on. However, the battery does not charge or never charge to 100%. Is my battery damage?


Troubleshoot 1:
Is the battery a original Lenovo?
Or a "equivalent" third party battery?

Some of the aftermarket one are problematic, and show "not charging".


Troubleshoot 2:


Method A:

1.Open Lenovo Energy Management from system tray or Windows Start Menu > Lenovo

2.Click on Battery Settings located at the bottom right of the software (refer to image above)

3.Under Advanced Features, Click on Start for Battery Gauge Reset. (refer to image below)

4.That should refresh the gauge and let the system finish through the cycle.




Method B:

1.Open Lenovo Energy Management from system tray or Windows Start Menu > Lenovo

2.Click on Battery Settings located at the bottom right of the software (refer to image above)

3.Under Battery Health, choose "Battery Fully-Charged Mode" instead of "Battery Protection Mode".

Note: The latter option will extend the lifespan of battery by limiting the charging capacity to be between 0-60%. 





Method C:

  1. Remove the AC and Battery from the laptop
  2. Press and hold the power button for 30 to 40 seconds
  3. Replace the battery and AC
  4. Boot the laptop up and check if the same message is still displaying
  5. If same error still persist, try to uninstall Lenovo Energy Management, reboot then install the Energy Management software again.

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Method C will void your warranty on U310 laptops (or any without external removable battery).


I suggest you add this as a warning!


Yesterday i have charge my u310.Today evening when I tried to Charge again my u310, it did not charge. Is that method's work on this problem????Smiley Embarassed


I've also found that when my charger/battery refuses to charge, cleaning the contacts with isopropyl alcohol (50% or above) OR with contat cleaner works. My computer is less than a year old and has done this twice. Both times, contact cleaning has resolved the issue, but you MUST ait for the alcohol to evaporate! 


I use Q-tips with the cotton ripped mostly off to avoid getting cotton fibres stuck in the coputer (being a hazard), and inside the charger end that plugs into the computer is where I see build-up most often. I have NO CLUE where the "dirt" comes from.


Note: everything should be powered down, unplugged, etc. 


Also Note: I'm not sure if it voids warranty.