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U330 Washed Out Screen

2008-10-16, 4:26 AM



I am experiencing very washed out colors (especially whites and other light colors) on my LCD screen.  I have extensively adjusted the Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast but I cannot find a comfortable setting.  I find it very hard on the eyes.  Viewing web pages (since most have light backgrounds) and playing games look terrible.  It is also very difficult to differentiate between colors in some situations.  I find myself constantly adjusting the angling of the screen in order to see details of photos/web images, etc.  There just doesn't seem to be enough contrast.


Any suggestions?  Corroborations? 


Are these screens defective?  Is Lenovo aware of this?


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Re: U330 Washed Out Screen

2008-10-18, 19:42 PM

I find odd that no one else, appart from shoehopper, is commenting on this. My U330 has several of the reported issues (bent chassis, poor battery life, runs warm/hot), but is the screen my major gripe.


It has more than enough brightness, good viewing angles, and not too much reflective. But the colors are the worst I ever had on a notebook. The white tones are completely washed out. It appears as if the histogram is compressed on the brightside. Very difficul to distinguish light gray from white, for exemple (like the light gray found troughout the lenovo forum site or engadget). But the major issue is that the screen blows out all the highlights of photo. Adjusting Gamma, Brighteness and Contrast doesn't help anything. Skin tones are also very bad.


Someone knows if this could be solved by profiling the screen?






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Re: U330 Washed Out Screen

2008-12-22, 22:51 PM

I just got a u330 that I ordered from Amazon(3GB, 250G hard drive) a couple of days ago.  On many levels I really like this machine.  The design is more modern and a big step up from my previous thinkpad.


As for the screen, the seamless (glass?) cover is nice looking, though it is quite reflective.  I got a screen that has no dead or stuck pixels.  The screen is quite bright,  though I was really shocked at how washed out the colors are on the LCD on the default settings, and how narrow (and non-perpendicular) the vertical viewing angle sweet spot is.  I modified the color settings based on the following forum post:




After making these changes, I find the display visual quality optimal only if I tilt the screen farther back.  if I do this, lighter colors show up somewhat appropriately (light blue row lines on slickdeals.net is a good example) and the black level is better.  When my line of sight is perpendicular to the screen, it is still too washed out, no matter what the settings I use, and the black level is not good.  The problem with tilting the screen farther back to get more optimal contrast/colors/black level is that the screen's camera now only captures the top of my head, so I have to tilt it forward for camera login or when video chatting.  Also, depending on my sitting position, I cannot always tilt the screen to an optimal angle due to limitations of the hinge design.  even with this tilt workaround the sweet spot again is very narrow and if I slouch a bit I notice a change in the color quality.


Due to this issue I consider the screen to be defective and unacceptable.  I design web applications and I need to see colors as most other computer users do.  I plan to send my u330 back to amazon, even if I have to eat a 15% restocking fee if they do not agree that it is defective.  Lenovo, if you are listening I would find a new source of higher quality LCD panels with better perpendicular viewing characteristics to replace the current ones used in this model.  If it weren't for this issue, I would be a happy customer.


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Re: U330 Washed Out Screen

2014-06-25, 9:34 AM

We bought a U330 from Amazon recently, and while we were impressed with the build quality and design, the screen really let the whole thing down.


The colours are washed out and dull, and no amount of tinkering with the settings fixed it. The resolution wasn't just low, we saw nasty aliasing artefacts on a lot of things that made it difficult to work with.


We sent it back, because of the screen. We're now looking for something similar - but can't find anything as light and with the same performance, but with a decent screen (for anywhere near the same cost).




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Re: U330 Washed Out Screen

2016-03-23, 4:39 AM
Same here. Fantastic design. Incredible washed out colors. Even my 10 years old ThinkPad screen looks better.
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