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Re: U400 Touchpad Updates

2012-04-07, 7:35 AM

Hi, this driver just wont install on my machine. The installer finishes without reporting any problems but it doesnt install anything. Any suggestions? Thanks


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Re: U400 Touchpad Updates

2012-05-08, 0:04 AM
I was having the same issue with the track pad and downloaded, now I can't use my right click button on the track pad. How do I re-enable the track pad for the "right-click" function?

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Re: U400 Touchpad Updates

2012-05-23, 15:52 PM

I am having this problem where the cursor gets stucked at times. It happens often after I have entered some text. WOuld installing a new driver solve this issue?


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Re: U400 Touchpad Updates

2012-05-23, 16:58 PM

I understand that the U300s and U400 have the same Cypress trackpads?


The U300s community has discovered a better bunch of drivers distributed by Dell. With a few reg hacks true joy can be achieved:


Hacked Dell Drivers for U300s Cypress Trackpad


I'd love to know if these work on the U400 too. Please let me know


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Re: U400 Touchpad Updates

2012-06-20, 17:30 PM

works on the u400, and this version of the river with the reg edit provided is by far the best combo for this pos trackpad I have seen yet.  I think it is pretty much just as good as any other computer now.  before i would have issue with a wgilly mouse and then others would fix it but there would be an issue with palm rejection and using ctrl function and pointer pausing.  this one has fixed all those issues and is buttery smooth.  the only issue is that even though i gained the two finger tap GUI, it appeas to do nothing for me.  I really want to two finger tap = right click.


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Re: U400 Touchpad Updates

2012-06-26, 10:52 AM

I have a U400. As soon as I installed the Dell driver. The trackpad stops to work. I need to install a mouse to move the cursor. Uninstalling the Dell driver, the trackpad works again.


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Re: U400 Touchpad Updates

2012-06-28, 14:04 PM
did you find another way to get the dell driver to work on the lenovo??
i want install the driver too but idk if it worth the try?

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Re: U400 Touchpad Updates

2012-07-24, 1:16 AM

I just uninstalled v2.3.6.14 and installed v2.3.6.33 . Two finger scrolling is immediately better without any adjustments. Thanks to everyone who researched and posted on this topic! You have all been a great help


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Re: U400 Touchpad Updates

2012-07-28, 17:47 PM

Hey Guys, 

Just got my new u400, payed 570 for it so I was hoping to catch a great bargain. Overall im very satisfied with the computer, except for the absolutley terrible trackpoad. My last computer was a MacBook pro, and I dont expect as good a trackpad...but c'mon, this machine's trackpad drivers are absolutley TERRIBLE. 


I went onto the Dell website, found the downloadable drivers for the XPS 15z, then uninstalled the piece-of-crap lenovo driver and replaced it with Dell's version After a quick restart...WOW. 


This trackpad now behaves up to par with what I expect. Everything is a lot smoother and easy to control. For those of you who are still not satisfied with the two-finger scrolling, I suggest turning on the "Vertical Scrolling" option on your cyrpus control panel and using one finger scrolling on the right side of the pad... I find this to be dramatically smoother and easier to operate:


Driver instructions: 


1) Uninstall the .14 cyprus driver 

2) Go to: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/Product/xps-15z

3) Select under operating system: Windows 7 64-bit

4) Scroll down to "Input" and select the last driver, the cyprus A06 Driver

5) Download, follow install wizard

6) Restart computer once finished


When you log back on, your trackpad will be dramatically better. You can also customize more features by right clicking, selecting personalize, then on the left selecting mouse options, then selecting cyprus trackpad. 


Hope this helps everyone like it helped me. 




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Re: U400 Touchpad Updates

2012-08-18, 19:23 PM

Hey thanks for the write up. Man this update from dell 15z is amazing. so much better than anything so far!!!

Thanks~!! really helplful!

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