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What's DOS?
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U400 USB 2.0 no longer working

I'm coming from a macbook pro that was ruined by my little sister dropping a gallon of tea on it to this Lenovo U400. I've been falling in love ever since. Windows isn't OSX, but w/e. I love the computer as is, the only problem is that the drivers for this thing seem to be for **bleep**. Both of my 2.0 USB's stopped working about four days ago, and I just had to re-install my trackpad driver because my right click wasn't working. 


I called Lenovo and asked if there were anything they could do about my USB's since the drivers arent on the main site. They told me I would have to restore the system to it's out of the box state....That sucks so f*ckin' bad. I'm writing to see if anyonone has any other ideas to help me out, and just to vent about this sh*tty situation. Peace out!!! 

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Re: U400 USB 2.0 no longer working

Since the problem occured only 4 days ago,


you could try system restore,if you have a system restore point,


prior to that date.


That may well fix it.


İf not,


Have you checked in Device Manager?


Have you tried un-installing,the usb hubs(one at a time with a reboot,after EACH ONE)


and have Windows reinstall them?


There is also  M/soft fix for that,



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