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What's DOS?
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U41-70 fan running full speed

I have a problem mith my U41-70. Lately my laptop fan will run full speed as soon as I boot it up. The sound from the fan is really annoyying me. It also affecting the performance of the laptop. The laptop feels very slow and running apps will hang ocassionally. It is hard to do any work on this computer with problems like this. Hopefully someone can help me solve this problem.

Bit Torrent
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Re: U41-70 fan running full speed

Sounds like the fan is working hard due to dust blocking the air passages.    Computers are like electrostatic dusk collectors, so you have to clean them regularly to keep them running at their optimum potential.  


First I would use a vacuum cleaner hose and see if you can suck out any dust from the vents   Next, open OneKey Optimizer and see if you have the Dust Removal feature, and if so run it.    That will run the fan at high speed both forward and reverse and try to blow out dust.   Stand back and prepare for a cloud of dust if it has not been run  Click on this link if One Key Optimizer is not installed to install.


U41-70 OneKeyOptimizer dowload


How to install and operate the One Key Optimizer



If you do not have the Dust Removal option, buy some canned air for cleaning electronics and use that to try to blow out any dust you can, starting with blowing through backwards with the vaccuum on the oppostite vent.


If the air flow is restricted, the CPU will heat up, and its performance will be degraded, so keeping it dust free is very important.


Good Luck






What's DOS?
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Re: U41-70 fan running full speed

I have the same issue too. I have tried removing the cover to check if the fan is clogged up with dust and found that the fan is quite dust free. I even use the one click optimizer daily. No issue with overheating either. Still can't figure out why.

Paper Tape
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Re: U41-70 fan running full speed

having this problem with the u31-70 along with others also.

fan over running at times at minimal use or even at idle. updated all the fan drivers and system control drivers to no avail

not only this really annoying but i am sure it is affecting the battery usage greatly. i am sure adding a script to the cooling control could fix his easily bu that is over my head

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