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U410 Scroll Lock / FN Key not working - I can't scroll using the touchpad



I got my new Lenovo Ideapad U410 (Windows 7) yesterday and I'm just starting to get things going. The one thing that has been bothering me is that I can't scroll uing the touchpad. It must be the Page Up button/Scroll Lock using the Fn Key, but I've tried it and absolutely nothing happens. The Fn Key works for the upper keys (F1, F5, etc.) but not for the buttons on the side (Home/Pause, End/Break, PgUp/ScrLk, PgDn/Insert). I figure I should reinstall keyboard drivers? I'm really sorry, I've looked through different threads but it seems they all have a different solution and I'm getting a bit confused haha. 


Thank you!

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Re: U410 Scroll Lock / FN Key not working - I can't scroll using the touchpad



since you got the laptop yesterday,


did you install / uninstall any drivers?


Or did the problem exist  right up?


İf the former please roll the driver(s) back.


İf the problem occured later on,you could do a system restore,


if you have a restore point,


or even since the system is so new,you could restore to factrory settings.


after backing up.


Otherwise please call Lenovo support,


they'll advise you.

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