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U410 screen turns on when laptop is shut down

Last week my Ideapad U410 went dim all of a sudden and when I turned it off the screen came on at full brightness. When I turned on my laptop the behaviour was inconsistent. I've seen everything from the Lenovo logo including being able to log into Windows to not seeing anything at all - a black screen when it's on. It could fade to black as well. I plugged it into my TV and while the laptop screen is black, I can see the full picture. There's not a whole lot I can try. Everything is on-board and built in so there is no separate battery that can be removed. It seems to me that this would be an issue with a LCD inverter - if there is one built in. Support says there is but then I sent it in for repair and they replaced the LCD and upgraded the firmware. I called and asked for more information when I was notified that it had shipped because I was curious. I was told that when they change the LCD the inverter gets changed too. This part doesn't make a lot of sense to me as I would expect it to be integrated and to change it you would need to replace the entire motherboard or exchange it altogether. The paper assures me that the system was tested and the problem resolved. I received it today and tried to turn it on. After an hour or so I turned it off...or ON that is. The screen now turns bright when the system is off so the problem obviously wasn't fixed. One difference is that now the white flickers as well and the brightness seems OK when it's on (3 hours on since return...).
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Re: U410 screen turns on when laptop is shut down

Welcome to the forum
It is weird that your laptop's screen is at full brightness when switched off.
This might not be only lcd but the systemboard might be at fault too since all of the parts are connected to it and it is the one who sends the signal to the lcd.
I suggest you ask the support to check the systemboard too.

You might try a bios update too.
Hope this helps

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