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Paper Tape
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U410 upgrade to touch screen from standard

Is it possible to upgrade from the stadard U410 the touch model? I know my compluter uses LCD screen B140XTN02.0, but can I just get B140XTN02.3 with the touch screen and digitizer or will there be a missing connection somewhere? If there is, is there a way around that?

Paper Tape
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Re: U410 upgrade to touch screen from standard

I have the same question, though slightly different.


According to the service manual for the U410, two LCD panels are compatible with the U410: B140XTN02.0 non-touch and N140BGE-LB2 touch. Both have 40 pins.

Can I replace a B140XTN02.0 panel with a N140BGE-LB2 panel?



This service manual:


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Re: U410 upgrade to touch screen from standard


unfortunately there aren't any answers. I'll still give it a try.

Because I have a half-broken Display (LCD ok, touch damaged, and top-frame broken), I'd like to downgrade from U410-touch to U410. But I don't know: can a U410 display fit on a U410-touch-notebook?


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