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U450 problems...S.O.S.!

Got my new Lenovo U450 in March. Here are my disapointments with it. I am very sorry I ever purchased this thing....

1. Microsoft Word 2007 -trial expired in 90 days ( luckily I have my own 2003 version-still works for me

2. Mcaffee-trail version expired too.. I have my own System Care Professional10, by Avanquest installed now...

3.Mu camera never worked. Tried to download drivers for it. Result; no drivers available!!!!!!!!!!

4. Last 30 days or so if /when I open down a list or window, including e-mail or text file, suddentlly the list / text goes back to the first lien at the top of the list. if i touch "Ctrl" I can go down on the list for a few seconds and and this thing jumps back again to the top of the list/text, etc... If I keep the mouse pointer on it the whole screen flickers rapidly up and down the list.

if typing, like i am doing it right now, unexpectedly I found my self typing my text in the 'wrong place" My cursor just jumped on me randomly and my new letters go somwhere into the text I already typed 10 -20 rows above.... I have to undo and retype again...

I tried to restore, to "fix" the Registry and some other things with my System care Professional sftwr. to no avail.

5. Recently my speakers started wistling whenever the volume is above the third mark. you can barely hear a thing. The "Whistling" changes in intensity and tone frquency as you move in front of your notebook or as you move your hands above the keyboard without even touching it.

More, when you touch the top pad with your fingers or any object the touch sound is amplified through the speakers like through a real moicrophone...

I am very dissapointed, to say the least. I use computers since 1991 when I bought my first 286 SX w. 40 Mb hard drive and 800Mb memory....from SEARS!   Had laptops and built my own desktops all these years. i needed a small, light notebook for my travel in my own business in Europe, nothing fancy and I choose Lenovo U450.

 A very bad mistake!!!! IBM used tomanufacture the Lenovos... My Chinese brothers do a poor job, to say the least of these lenovos. i will never buy one again.

PS. Tried a few times to call "service" Did not get anywhere, just the runaround.

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Re: U450 problems...S.O.S.!

use one key recovery to perform clean windows installation, after that you'll be able to use antivirus and microsoft office for another 90 days. for the camera, you need to activate it by pressing fn + esc.
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