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Re: u450p Disassembly Instructions

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Duh, I have a u150 and it has the same bluetooth module and cable!

It's a lot easier to get at too! 

Here is the wire order of the smaller connector on the module with the antenna facing up:

black brown red orange yellow green blue purple


The bigger connector to the main board:

black brown red orange blue yellow green purple


I really can't tell what pin 1 is on these tiny things, but here is a pic:


Also, for the u150 the part is listed as: LL2 CABLE BT(8P/8P,REV1A)300V

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Re: u450p Disassembly Instructions

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Thank you, fzavit, for your descriptions! I managed to change my harddrive today using your manual, and I don't know whether I would have tried it without your and another guide.


For everyone else, here my experiences:

  1. It's easier to get the keyboard out than you think. On the top, there are different "hooks", they are smaller than the ones around the bezel and you can start easily in the middle above the F6/FX... keys.
  2. Removing the bezel was the most difficult part. The advice with a driver license is good. I did it with a credit card, but that could have been thinner.
  3. Don't tighten the two screws that become visible after removing the keyboard to strongly, rather leave them loose! I tightened them so strongly that they came out on the back and made a visible elevation and one in the memory bay.
  4. There is really one screw underneath the cover of the Wifi module bay!
  5. No need to remove the RAM module. Did not help me removing the keyboard.
  6. When reassembling they keyboard, press "^" and "Pos 1" strongly instead of trying to tighten the screws (the keyboard was not really in there, that's why I did that).
  7. You should read this about the keyboard conncetor: .

See photos for the hooks: 


Link to picture


Link to picture


I have them bigger and could send you to them.



Another helpful guide: .

Thread where I found it:


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Re: u450p Disassembly Instructions

I'm glad to hear you found the instructions helpful!

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