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U460 Brightness Control Issues (Only goes from Brightest to Darkest)

My Ideapad U460 is having problems with the brightness level. It will only switch from the Brightest to Darkest brightness level...meaning it's either too bright or too dim. I've tried switching my power options too but everytime i try to adjust the brightness either by just clicking the "Fn" button to adjust the brightness or changing it on the Control Panel's Brightnes Options by moving the cursor down the brighness scale (it STILL only goes from the lowest to highest in brightness).


This is quite frustrating since it goes from being WAY TOO BRIGHT to WAY TOO DARK. Also, I recently had my screen changed because it was malfunctioning. Everything is fine in terms of my memory and just the laptop itself but the brightness issues are becoming unbearable. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR THE HELP. Below is the reply I received last time. However, I'm not exactly sure how to update the Graphics driver and Bios of my system? Are both updates through the link you provide? Also, how do I know which Graphics Drive to download (I attached the different drivers I see below)? I have Windows 7 on my Ideapad U460. And where do I update the Bios?



Brightness control are not working properly, To diagnose, I would suggest you to please update the Graphics driver and also update the Bios of your system from the below mentioned web link.



After this, please restart the system and check if the issue resolved.



Thanks & Regards,



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