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Re: U530 Touch (1920x1080) HDMI to DVI Cable not working

2014-11-19, 8:31 AM

Welcome back, sethlenovo. :smileyhappy:


     I understand what you're trying to do. With your external monitor on the right side, when you extend the display, your cursor moves to the right, off the main laptop monitor, onto the left side of the external display. This is fine, when the physical external display, is to the right of your laptop. However, your external display, is physically located to the left of your laptop, so when you extend the display, you need to move the window to the right on the laptop screen, for it to appear on the left of the external display. This is counter-intuitive, moving things to the right, to have them pop up on the left monitor.


     When you have your external monitor connected, in the Control Panel > Display > Change Display Settings, does this setting appear:




Or does it look like this:




If it's like picture 1, your external display is not being detected. Try clicking on the "Detect" display button. If that doesn't detect the external display, re-do the steps I gave in my previous post. Also, "jiggle" the HDMI connection into the laptop, to make sure you get a good connection. Sometimes that plug can get finicky. :smileywink:


The object is to get your HDMI monitor to be detected, so my picture 2 is displayed (1|2), and the Multiple Displays option is present.


After you achieve this feat, you can click on the Multiple Display box, and choose the Extend these displays. See my pic 3:





Now this is where it gets tricky. To get your external display, to the right of your laptop screen, you need to left click, and hold it over the number 1 screen (My screen 1 is a 50" Pannasonic Plasma) in the box. Continue to hold the left click, and drag the number 1 screen to the left, over the number 2 screen, and plop the number 1 screen on the left side of the box. Hit Apply to change the physical placement. The program gives you an option warning, "Is this what you want to do? Click yes, or the changes will revert back in 5-4-3-2-1 second





When executed properly, with the external monitor on the left side of the laptop screen, the pass through barrier will be on the left side of the main laptop monitor. All you need to do is select the window, or icon, then move it to the left through the barrier, and drop it on the external screen.


You may need to adjust your Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, to match the setting you made in the control Display setting. Just drag the screens to their proper physical placement.




Once you've accomplished these procedures, you should be able to move windows from the laptop's screen, to the left, and run them on your left side monitor.


One other gotcha. Do not attempt to make your external monitor, your Main display by checking that box.There are certain things that only run on the Main Laptop Screen, and bad things can go kerplow, if you make the external screen your Main Display.


Cheers, and let me know how it goes.




I'm DO'ing IT

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Re: U530 Touch (1920x1080) HDMI to DVI Cable not working

2015-01-19, 17:08 PM

It was the cable. I ordered a cheap one from Amazon and it didn't work. I tried a Monster Cable adapter and it worked the first time I plugged it in.


Thanks for the answers and suggestions.

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