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U530T CPU Throttling - Absolutely Infuriating - Not buying Lenovo again

I stood by the ThinkPad label. Still do. When I first used one way back in the day, it was the sturdiest and most reliable piece of consumer laptop hardware I'd ever dealt with. When Lenovo bought the brand, I was still determined that they would do the ThinkPad name good.


Unfortunately, I wrongly assumed the same would go for their spin-off brand IdeaPad. I was intrigued by the touchscreen option, and bought a U530T last Black Friday. After an infuriating series of events involving hinge issues where both hinges literally snapped off, and Lenovo support trying to milk me for over $250 to fix it after promising to repair it for free, I got them to ship me a repair (which just looks like a refurbished/new model to me - different serial number and everything).


So, the story should end here. My hinges seem to be doing okay for the time being, but thanks to **bleep**ty engineering I'm aware this laptop is doomed to fail eventually. But that aside, it works fine most of the time. Casually browsing Facebook without anything intensive open is great... but now I come to an equally infuriating problem - why in the world is my CPU being throttled when I most need the power, and it seems to happen mostly while plugged in?


I like to play games on my laptop. Nothing crazy intensive, just some WoW and Hearthstone on low settings. On Battery it runs "fine" - 75% CPU Frequency (why not 100 here?). Yet when I attempt to do the same plugged in, I am immediately dropped to 50% Frequency no matter what I do. I have verified this through Resource Monitor and ThrottleStep. What in the world is going on, and why is this happening? Why am I being throttled to half my CPU frequency when CPU intensive programs need the frequency at it's highest? I should be able to use the entirety of my CPU plugged in when I want it.. The most ridiculous part of this is that my laptop runs better and faster on battery in CPU intensive settings, when it should be the other way around completely.


If this is the trend Lenovo takes with their laptops, there's not a shot in hell I'm picking up another Lenovo laptop of any kind.


Before anyone asks, yes, ALL Power Plan settings are correctly configured, both Plugged In and On Battery - they are absolutely identical in all aspects. All drivers are up to date as well as the BIOS. I am using the OEM charger.


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