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Upgraded from Win7 to Win8 and getting errors. Any way of going back? U410

Hey guys,


I just recieved my Ideapad U410 today and I was so psyched! I'm going to a seminar tomorrow, and since this is my only laptop, I really want it to work, so I can use it tomorrow.


Anyway. I figured that I might aswell just upgrade to Windows 8 right away, so after using the computer for maybe half an hour, I pay for Windows 8, and just do the install through the Windows 8 offer.

Windows 8 gets installed, and now I just keep getting errors. First of all, the Energy Management program didn't work and kept popping up everytime I restarted the computer. I downloaded a new driver for it, which seemed to fix it.

At the same time, a pop-up from Dolby Home Theater keeps popping up, telling me to install a valid driver. I've tried installing one, but either I didn't find the right one, or it just didn't work.


Then my WiFi starts going mental! After restarting the computer, it doesn't connect to the WiFi. It just sits there until I right click it to go into "Open Network and Sharing Center", and then it just hangs until I try to close the window. More hanging...... then the window closes and boom! I have WiFi! 

The WiFi also started getting slow. Now I have read about the WiFi issues, but my computer was manufactured on 8/25/12, so there shouldn't be any! ....right???


I'm now thinking of doing a clean install of Windows 7 to get it to work, but I'm hopelessely confused about how it works now that there's an SSD drive in it too. I'm used to just being on an old desktop with ONE harddrive, not all this fancy new stuff Smiley Happy


So......... basically what I'm asking is:


- Is there a way to get my Windows 8 to work? Fixing the WiFi "hanging" and the Dolby Home Theater error?

- Am I safe from the WiFi issues since my computer was manfufactured on 8/25/12?

- Is there a guide that can show me how to do a clean Windows 7 install? Or maybe even get it back to how it was when I first recieved it?


Any help is GREATLY appreciated, guys! Thanks in advance!!



EDIT: Picture of my upload speed being much higher than my download speed. Looks like I'm affected by the terrible WiFi too.

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