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What's DOS?
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Windows 10 clean install - need Product Key

Hi all,


I am an user of Lenovo IdeaPad S510P with windows 8 preinstalled. I have upgraded to windows 10 when it was released.


2 weeks back, I had to do clean install. I used media creation tool to create installation file in a USB through which i done the install. In the process, I formated three drives which has my previous windows(c drive) and other two drives which have my files. since then I am unable to activate my windows. as it saying digital entitlement is not found.


I havent taken any backup of previous versions. Failed to retrieve the product key.  Please help me.

Below are the drives in my laptop:

                                                                        total size             free size         type

Drive 0 partition 1: WINRE_DRV             1000MB               647 MB           Recovery

Drive 0 unallocated space                        260MB                 260 MB         

Drive 0 partition 2: LRS_ESP                   1000MB               498 MB            OEM(Reserved)

Drive 0 partition 3:                                      120MB                  120 MB           MSR (Reserved)

Drive 0 partition 4: Recovery                   450MB                   147 MB           Recovery

Drive 0 partition 5:                                     100MB                   76 MB              System

Drive 0 partition 6: Windows                   153.3GB               105GB             Primary

Drive 0 partition 7:  Drive D                     136.7GB             131GB              Primary

Drive 0 partition 8: Drive E                       136.7GB             136.4 GB            Primary

Drive 0 partition 9: Lenovo                       25 GB                  22.6GB            Primary

Drive 0 partition 10: PBR_DRV               11.2                      2.1GB               Recovery



Out of the above drives, i only formated and changed partitions 6,7 and 8.

Now I am left with these drives and a USB which has installation file. Is there any possiblity of recovering my windows serial key??

Please help me out.


Thank you for your time.

What's DOS?
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Re: Windows 10 clean install - need Product Key

Now it is showing the following error:


Activation faield because this device doesnt have a valid digital entitlement or product key . Error code: 0x803F7001

Paper Tape
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Re: Windows 10 clean install - need Product Key

I have this same error message. I don't have this issue with Windows 10 on Dell systems. What is going on here? Does Lenovo not have a key in the BIOS that works with Windows 10?

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