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Blue Screen Again
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Wireless switch problem.

I have a Lenovo S10-3, and when ever I try to access the internet wirelessly It tells me that the wireless switch is turned off, And I have turned both the switch on the side on, and the switch (Fn+F5) on the keyboard on as well. Still I get the same message telling me that the wireless switch is turned off... Any suggestions? Any possibility that this isn't a hardware problem? 

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Re: Wireless switch problem.

Try to uninstall Lenovo Energy Management then reboot then install it again and see if it helps.
*Non Lenovo employee*

I have a Y2P (i5) ... Feel free to ping me if you want me to test some applications with your Y2P if you have the same model. I don't mind keep doing recovery on it if needed .... =)
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Re: Wireless switch problem.

Try Updating the Bios  and Lenovo Energy management software 

Hope This Helps

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Re: Wireless switch problem.


I'm currently having the same issue.

My hardware switch is set on but both in "Access Connecction" and "Fn+F5" it tells me that the switch is turned off.

I tried to updat the BIOS and the power management software but it didn't help.

Any other idea?

In "Access Connection" it tells me that to make sure that the switch is on and the bios setup is set to radio on.

How do i set the radio on in the BIOS?

Thank you,


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