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Blue Screen Again
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finding my serial number for my s10 netbook

Okay.  I just need to find the most basic of information before I can do anything else.  I need my 10 or 14 digit serial number.  The label on the bottom iof my machine has a 7 digit serial number and my model type is a 4333 - 36u .  I have tried all combinations of the two sequences of numbers to attempt the format needed for the serial number with no success.  What is the solution that I am sure is obvious but I am not seeing.  Help!!  this is so frustrating.  If MS can look into my machine why cant lenovo or why cant they just make the serial number on the machine the serial number you need??  just venting.  Any assistance is appreciated.  Need this asap.  Best regards, rkmommy in the USA

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Re: finding my serial number for my s10 netbook

Hi there and welcome ,Label should look like that Black small stripe with white text ...

i.e. Type 4333 (4 Digits) Model 36u (3 Digits)   SN :xx-xxxxxx (2 + 5 ) =14 Digits

type in without - or upper Letter at

warranty status lookup



sincerely KalvinKlein

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Blue Screen Again
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Location: winlock washington united states
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Re: finding my serial number for my s10 netbook

thank you for the info but unfortunately what you told me and the web page the link goes to for "finding your servial number" says just what you did so I am still at a loss.  this is the scoop  my model type is a 7 digit  combo and the serial number listed after the s/n on the bottom of the machine is not as described anywhere on the site or as you indicated.  It is  a letter followed by a number and then five more letters.  XYXXXXX where x is a letter and y is the only number!  So every time I try to input my "number" ithe site rejects it.  I know I have found it before and inputted it and updated the bios (i think anyways)  the place that I found before how to input the number had about twice as many examples as  the one that all the links go to now.  Its like the explanation page has been changed .  Anyway, would it be possible that maybe I have already registered the machine and that is why it is being rejected ?  I cant remember if I did or not and its possilbe I did.  I got the machine about a yr ago in february.  I think it is just an s10 but honestly I dont know how to tell th s10 from the s-9 or the other s10-3 or s10-s or whatever they are.  How do I know what kind I have??  If microsoft can look into my machine and see all my software and id my copy of XP how come lenovo cant look into my machine and have it id itself??  I need to know what the problem is .  I need to check my warranty and want to do some memory up grades and check my drivers and do a backup and recovery disk but I need to know the serial number.... Please help me some more ..  thank you.


ps this website is not really as user friendly as I think it could be.  too much confusion about which machine is which and where to go and every time I log into the my account that I just created outside of the forum it kicks me off with an error message.  This is getting really frustrating. 



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