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Posts: 13
Registered: ‎07-30-2010
Location: Belarus
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lenovo 10-3 & OpenGL 1.5

Hello coleagues !


I ve picked this machine for keepin it with,  had it setup with win7 and latest bios / drivers. I have vid drivers directly from intel and what ive noticed - bby spec this 3150 gpu should support opengl spec 1.5 but in reality it is only 1.4.


Asked intel about that and .. are u doing some tweaks on this chip redusing its caps ? I gues no. here is the log:


Victor: Hello. Thank you for using the Intel Customer Support chat service. We are glad to be of service. How can I help you today?

you: Just 2 questions regarding openGL support for 3150.

you: 1st why intel site is saying it can support spec 1.5 over windows but in reality it is 1.4

Victor: This will depend on the driver that you have.

you: i have win7 and recent drivers

you: they are 1.4

Victor: Is this an OEM computer like DELL*?

you: like lenovo

you: but drvs are from intel site of cause...

Victor: The chipset may have been customized by your system manufacturer. You should contact Lenovo* to confirm the compatibility.

you: ok 2nd why it is spec 2.0 on linux but spec 1.? on win.

you: really it is a bit silly - cutting hw caps on most popular os.

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