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possible hardware issues (ACPI and USB)

I don't have windows on my new U300s (deleted it). I'm regretting doing that without at least booting windows once because I've hit some fairly annoying bugs that look like BIOS bugs. Now I'm wondering if can I update my BIOS without windows. If not, can I send it to Lenovo to do the update for me? Will that cost me money? The problems I'm having with the laptop are mostly ACPI related. Linux can't use the ACPI interface to request a shutdown. Also, my webcam isn't showing up on the USB bus at all anymore. Not sure how to report these problems to Lenovo since Linux isn't supported. I can backup my Linux install, so re-installing windows isn't a problem if I have to.

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Re: possible hardware issues (ACPI and USB)

it's suggested to update bios under windows and as you said, there would be no problem to install windows for temporary so why don't you try that option first?
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Re: possible hardware issues (ACPI and USB)

I haven't got any windows CDs. I know I own a copy because I have the windows licence sticker on the bottom of this laptop. Can I use that key with any windows install CD?


Also, I just checked and I have BIOS version 42. The latest is 43 and the only change is the processor getting stuck in lower P-states. I haven't noticed that on my computer.


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Re: possible hardware issues (ACPI and USB)

You can use your Windows key to activate an install from Microsoft media, as long as they are the same version (home premium, pro, etc). 32 or 64 bit doesn't matter.  You may need to use the phone option to complete activation.


If you are just looking to use Windows briefly for BIOS update, you don't really need to activate at all.


You can borrow an install DVD or use this link for a legit downlolad: Legal Resources for Downloading Windows 7



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Re: possible hardware issues (ACPI and USB)

Hi chris_harvey,


You can download a legal image of 7 from here .  Make sure you download the same version that's on your sticker.




Edit:  Z beat me to it.Smiley Happy

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