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s10-3t where to find (spare) small rubber legs?

I bought s10-3t about a year ago directly from  Everything is working perfectly except for a stupid problem: three small rubber legs at the bottom got detached. I managed to find one of these three legs and attached it back with a good glue, but two are gone. A few days ago another similar problem happened - a small rubber semisphere located at the upper right corner of the screen (that covers the screw just above the camera) was also gone and lost. This semisphere, besides covering the screw, also helps to keep the screen out from touching the keyboard when the lid is closed. I don't know whether this is a common problem of all s10-3t or it's a personal problem of my laptop.


Is there an opportunity either to get these rubber part from Lenovo (I still have a valid warranty) or to buy them somewhere (I am sure they are not expensive)? Did anybody encounter with a similar problem? Of course, I would prefer to get the rubber parts by mail and attach them myself rather than sending my s10-3t somewhere for repair.

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Re: s10-3t where to find (spare) small rubber legs?

Have you thought of cutting up old inner tube (maybe from a bicycle) and using a sliver of that?




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