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Paper Tape
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s10 Cracked Bezel

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I have same problem. The bottom left corner of my screen case cracked.I have recognized this problem e few month ago. My friend has same netbook and i called her and told the problem. She also has same problem on the screen case.


Lenovo Ideapad S10

S/N : EBxxxxxxxx

Windows Xp Home Edition


I have inserted the image of crack.


Link to picture


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Paper Tape
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Re: S10-3t , S103t Cracked Screen

I have just called Call Center of Lenovo Turkey and they said that is user error and If i send my netbooks to Technical Service , they can fix the screen - or change maybe-  but i have to pay cost of screen.


I have 2 idea pad and models are same and I have this problem each netbooks. How is it user error?

Lenovo Staff
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Re: S10-3t , S103t Cracked Screen

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Hi Yesim,

Welcome to Lenovo Community!

Thanks for your picture. However, it's kind of blur. Also, i think your issue is about bezel as compared to the issue we were discussing in the topic of s10-3t.

On the other hand, i understand the technical rep's feedback as they are following the procedures. At the same time, i do feel for you too. I'm not sure what i can help, but can you share both of your machine info with me? Info such as Serial Number, Machine Type model. Also, please PM me your full name, email address and phone contact.

Additonally, can you upload the pictures of the cracked bezel for the two machines you have mentioned that have encountered same bezel cracked issue? They will be very helpful.

Thank you.


T410, x240

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Paper Tape
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Re: S10-3t , S103t Cracked Screen

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I have exactly the same cracked screen problem. The machine is bought only three months ago. The crack runs accross the screen from left to right doing a downside arc.It appeared a few days ago and got longer in time. There is no physical damage on the screen surface.


ideaPad s10-2

s/n CBxxxxxxxx

veli tokmen



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Re: S10-3t , S103t Cracked Screen

@ all.

please send the personal information as serial numbers via pm ( personal message ), do not post here.
What's DOS?
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Re: S10-3t , S103t Cracked Screen

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I have this problem as well, one day I just opened my laptop and the screen had a crack on it with no apparent physical damage. I'm very careful with it and I'm not sure how this happened, it sounds like a design or quality problem based on the above posts. I called into Lenovo and they said I would have to pay almost $200 for an entirely new screen which is unacceptable for a $600 machine.


Model: Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t

Serial Number:xxxxxxxxxx

Name: Shawn M. Mills

E-Mail: edited

Phone: edited



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Former Administrator
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Re: S10-3t , S103t Cracked Screen



What service should be saying is that this could be caused by customer induced damage and there could be a charge to repair it but we can certainly take a look.   If you didn't damage it, I would feel confident that our service team will resolve this for you under warranty and would encourage you to send it in.


As you understand, we can't just say, "Broken LCD?  Sure.. .no problem!"  because typically LCDs don't spontaneously crack on their own.   That is why support triesto set expectations for  the customer.   Since shipping this in and back if it is deemed billable and the customer elects not to pay, creates substantial costs (laptops may have gotten a lot cheaper but freight continues to go up, driven by fuel costs that are rising again) for Lenovo,  there is a charge that is waived if warranted repair, but billable to the customer if it isn't and they don't want it fixed.  If the customer wants it fixed, and it's billable, the shipping costs apply toward the repair.


Hope that helps!





Fanfold Paper
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Re: S10-3t , S103t Cracked Screen



(1) read the chain it is not referring to a broken LCD (unless nofawkes totally changed the thread) but a broken case

(2) 3 people reported the same problem in this posting

(3) the picture may be blurred but it is pretty clear what the problem is

(4) i have the same problem.

(5) Owners, chill, it is cosmetic because the screen is fixed with metal hinges

(6) however when 4 people report a similar failure odds point to a design flaw and not user error


Best regards, Paul.

What's DOS?
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Re: S10-3t , S103t Cracked Screen

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1) My crack was spontaneous.  I had the unit about 3 months, and it broke simply closing the lid.

2) I did send it in.

3) Service charged me $250 + shipping to fix.


What part of 'your customer service is sincerely lacking' are we unclear about????


What part of the words 'design defect'  need additional definition?????


Please feel free to contact me about my experince directly



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Re: S10-3t , S103t Cracked Screen



Please send me a private message with your contact information and your service case number WNxxxxx


Have you already paid the $250?  If not, tell service you wish to dispute the charge.


I'm sure you understand that not every S10-3t has exhibited a screen crack and that each must be looked at on a case by case basis.    If we've made the wrong call in your case, I'm sure we can  resolve this upon review.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.





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