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s10 Win7 upgrade - do BIOS upgrade first?

I am preparing to install Windows 7 Home Premium on my s10. I plan to do a clean install using a Win7 upgrade CD in an external CD drive.

My s10 currently has its original BIOS - 14CN57WW. Should I upgrade to the latest BIOS (14CN94WW) before the upgrade? Is there another BIOS that is better than this latest one?

Any other tips or advice before I start the upgrade to Win7?


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Re: s10 Win7 upgrade - do BIOS upgrade first?

you can flash the bios anytime you want.
do not forget to burn recovery discs before installation.
except that, there's nothing i should suggest.
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Re: s10 Win7 upgrade - do BIOS upgrade first?

numerous people have had problems after flashing the bios, so im not sure if i would do it. is your computer having any problems that could be fixed by the bios upgradee?
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Re: s10 Win7 upgrade - do BIOS upgrade first?

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Hi and welcome,

i would prefer to upgrade your BIOS before... and save your running Windows XP well, as yigit says

..if you want to update. here comes some tips...


All BIOS Hint:  Press F2 at switch Computer on to get in BIOS.. After Update BIOS, when in BIOS press F9 for setup defaults... Then set CONFIG for QS/BEEP/AHCI/Sata  & Set BOOT Sequence .. 1.USB-DVD/CD Device 2.USB-HDD (or ! to Boot from USB-Flashdevice) 3.HDD (Fn-F7 set to NUM-Lock use +/- to change  Move to menu Arrow-Keys for S10/S10-2)  ESC for Exit  Save F10 and exit --------------------------------------------

IdeaPad S9 & S10 Version 94   File 14CN94WW.exe

Summary of changes: 1. Resolve the problem with One Key Recovery button which makes the system automatically power on when the LCD cover is closed, especially if pressure is applied to the cover nearby the battery. 2. Add Password-on-boot functionality to BIOS CMOS settings. 3. Resolve the problem with the units carrying a  6-cell battery, where the computer's battery indicator displays wrong values for both the status (upon removing the AC adapter) and the volume charged.   4. Resolve the problem with the short-cut key for wireless connections configuration (FN+F5).The system is not able to save the changes entered through the short-cut key. 5. Fix S9/S10/M10 auto shut-down in low temperature issue. 6. Fix Linpus S4 auto entry S3 after wake up issue. 7. Fix S9/S10/M10 Fan turning on/off frequently issue. 8. Fix the problem with LCD backlight remaining on while LCD cover closed. 9. New option in the BIOS setup utility to mute/unmute the beep when pluggin/out the AC adapter. 10. Combine the BIOS for non-3G and 3G system together.



After installing Windows 7 most should be working out of the Box... Update Windows 7 updates, and install Lenovo Powermanagement includes the hotkeys for brightness/Loudness Webcam etc. F5 Wireless menu...


change some settings described here..   Powermanagement Ideapad Part 1 & 2

and Touchpad driver, if you want better usage than default  Synaptics Touchpad Driver  Windows 7

 some settings should be the driver setup ...  like that newer Driver Menu looks slightly different

install a antivirus & malware program ..

if you want to use your webcam  YouCam Windows 7   that proggi  works well on S10..

If you want to have more fun with windows 7 on S10 ...

Memory should be upgrade to the max 2GB ..


i prefer to install k-lite codec and choose mediaplayer Homecinema edition instead use of windows media player..

sumatra reader instead of adobe reader ... many of these small proggis , you could easy found   Here



regards KalvinKlein









regards KalvinKlein

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