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s10 vs s10-2

2009-05-12, 1:47 AM

I just received my S10, shipped on Tues, May 5 (ordered several weeks ago).  Today I read an announcement about the availability of the S10-2.  Did I just lose out by getting the last of the newly obsolete model?  What are the differences

between the two versions?


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Re: s10 vs s10-2

2009-05-12, 3:22 AM
try googling lenovo s10-2

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Re: s10 vs s10-2

2009-05-12, 9:05 AM

Imho the S10-2 is _ugly_. It has rounded edges and looks just like any other netbook. One thing that made me buy my S10e was its looks. Oh yeah - the S10-2 comes with built-in 3G, but this can in no way compensate for what they have done with the design. The only positive with the S10-2 is that the keyboard layout has been redone. Now the arrow keys are placed a bit lower, and the right shift key won't be confused with the arrow up. Fn and Ctrl is still in the wrong place though.


But all in all I think you should be happy that you ordered the "old" model.


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S10 vs s10-2

2009-05-12, 10:07 AM

agreed @  loser

Here are my additional votes... 

See here if you want a to have a look of the "new model"  its a clone of msi, lg , or what ever , to much rounded edges

no more straight stylish understatement that the S10 (e) have....

bit better keyboard ,greater touchpad area, better inside , more upgradable (1 x empty minipci-e, 1x minipci-e for wwan 3g) but no expresscard (the only way for firewire,but i dont use it, many others use it in that way )..


other like @loser The function key for me is ever on the right place :) cause i have thinkpads since years (and my old compaq tc1000series have function key at same place)


I like my black S10e even with the little fan probs, and the glossy screen (if S10 where here available too,i would have this one) and the more and more become glossy (in less than 6 months) touchpad area ....thats my cons....

But best haptic and weight...(even with 6 cell batt) (HP 2140 with 6 Cell is cause me laughing)  


So lets have a look at to these pictures to make your own decision, whats better or not....

S10 - 2 Pics and  S10 vs. S10-2 


Message Edited by KalvinKlein on 05-12-2009 12:14 PM
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Re: s10 vs s10-2

2009-05-13, 20:48 PM

Major design fail!  Seriously wtf was Lenovo thinking releasing this?


The only reason why Lenovo s10 even became popular in the first place is because of it's aesthetics, and the expansion slot.  It looks better than any other netbook out there, and has expansion capabilities.    There are a few flaws with the s10, such as mic location, speaker sound, and short battery life (on 3 cell), but that's about it.


 I can't believe they have the odacity or nerve to call this piece of crap the S10-2?  It looks like a cheap plastic toy.


Try again LENOVO with the same frame as the Lenovo S-10.

Message Edited by daj on 05-13-2009 01:51 PM

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Re: s10 vs s10-2

2009-05-15, 19:26 PM

Yup pretty ugly S10-2, I think Lenovo better realize that design was a big part of the S10 success.



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Re: s10 vs s10-2

2009-05-19, 13:23 PM

I will be buying an S10-2 as soon as available (and then upgrade the memory and disk).


Having a number of Thinkpads (2 x X41, X23, T43) I looked at the S10 last year but decided on the smaller, lighter Acer A1. However, after using this for a while I have decided that I need both Bluetooth and 3G ... The S10-2, being 4mm thinner and .2kg lighter than the S10 should be perfect for my requirements.





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Re: s10 vs s10-2

2009-12-13, 22:22 PM

I have the s10 netbook but the sound quality is very poor where I can hardly hear it.  Even with headphones the sound is very poor.  Have you any suggestions.




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Re: s10 vs s10-2

2009-12-14, 14:23 PM

I too have had an S10 for about a year.

It's been as great little machine.


But honestly.. I can't understand why most folks would even

think about buying a 10" netbook with a stunted Atom processor,

now that  there are so many great 11.6" higher resolution

machines with Intel ULV CPUs available.


Even Lenovo has the U150, but it seems poorly priced

compared to the Acer, Asus, and Toshiba models.

Just search for AS1410 for an example.


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