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Serial Port
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s10e freezes at BIOS witth USB optical drive connected

Hey folks,


I have been messing with this for a couple days and thought I'd post this here for any input.


I have been using my s10e mainly for work (and play at work lol) and it's turning out to be very fun and useful.


I had to break down and get a portable DVD drive for it and got one for an OK price. It's an IO Magic IDVD8P and is powered by USB. I plugged it in and started burning right away - it worked fine in Windows.


The first couple days I only plugged it in after Windows had been booted. I was at work today and put the s10e on the desk, plugged in the drive and powered on. The computer hung at the Lenovo logo (BIOS boot logo) and refused to go any further. Pushing F2 did take me into setup, but it took about 15-20 seconds for setup to come up where normally its instant.


There's not much to change in these BIOS but I took the drive out of the boot sequence and tried again but it hung again. I waited about 5 minutes to see if it would boot at all and it didn't. As soon as I unplugged the USB drive's data cable, it instantly started booting again.


I can plug the drive in after it has POSTed and it works fine, but having it hang like that is annoying and I think I'm going to return this drive. Any ideas here? Neither my USB flash drives or hard disks do this...


Are there any USB drives that you folks use that work flawlessly?



Punch Card
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Re: s10e freezes at BIOS witth USB optical drive connected

I use an HP external drive I picked up at Best Buy, and can boot to the HD when the drive is attached.  I did have issues to start like you - I had a disk in the drive and it always tried to boot from the drive...even after changing boot order in the BIOS...I took the disk out and then it booted, not sure why, I just pop the door open if I happen to have the drive attached when I boot (which is rarely, I only attach when I'm installing software)..

Serial Port
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Re: s10e freezes at BIOS witth USB optical drive connected

Thanks for the input. Unlike you, even if my drive was connected without a disc inside, it'll still refuse to boot.


I'm sure most wouldn't mind this and just connect the drive later but not me(Bootable CDs are a must for me, anyway). I exchanged it for a Toshiba-brand which was mentioned on this forum here and there and it seems to work just fine. The Netbook boots fine with it connected and boots from CD/DVD without a hitch.


Just wanted to add the drive model because this drive is perfect for these Netbooks. It burns CDs, DVDs and reads all media with ONE USB connection - although a Y cable is included. Doesn't hang the system and boots from media fine.


Toshiba SuperMulti Drive, Model: PA3761U-1DV2

Fanfold Paper
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Re: s10e freezes at BIOS witth USB optical drive connected

Hi.  Try this to see if it works (i don't have an optical usb drive, so I can't verify):

When computer boots up, press F12 (Fn + F11) to bring up the boot order menu.  You should be able to select the HDD from there as the boot-up disk.


Also, in the BIOS Boot Order menu (which you can also access from the above Boot Order menu), you can select a drive to exclude from the boot order list.  From the instructions on the right side of the BIOS Boot Order menu, it looks like you hit "X" to exclude the highlighted drive.  This should prevent the selected drive from attempting to be the boot drive.


Please let me know if this works.


Thanks Smiley Happy


Serial Port
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Re: s10e freezes at BIOS witth USB optical drive connected

If you re-read my first post you'll see that was among the first things I tried, but thanks anyway.


The boot menu itself (F12) didn't come up with the drive connected. The problem wasn't so much that the drive prevented the HDD from loading (although indirectly, it did). The USB drive seemed to make the BIOS go a bit haywire.


With the drive connected during POST, the BIOS hung at the Lenovo logo and refused to show the boot menu and entering setup took in upwards of 30 seconds to load the menu. One I was inside setup, it worked fine and same thing occured with the drive in or out of the sequence.


All I could do was return that drive for the Toshiba I mentioned above and it's working wonderfully.

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