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Blue Screen Again
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Re: u330 flashing white bar on screen

Hi everybody,


I am facing the same problem for last 2 days. My observations are:

1- I think it is a software problem.

2- I looks like it is happenning when I use the High Performance graphics adapter. With the on-board adapter I didn't see it..

3- It is only happenning when there are no maximized windows, i.e. it happens if the desktop is on.

4- I believe that most probably it is caused by a windows update.


So Lenovo should offer us something. Hope to hear from them,



Paper Tape
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Re: u330 flashing white bar on screen

I really do think at least mine is a software problem and my issues are more similar to osmank. I really only have the problem running certain programs and I can make it go away by running different programs. I have fewer internet problems when I use firefox as opposed to google chrome, for example. I have issues streaming videos, but not if I stream them full-screen. But I definitely can't make it go away by pressing on the screen. It just has to be something related to my video/graphics card... Maybe thats hard-ware related, but there isn't anything physically wrong with my screen itself.


I have also recently had trouble doing Windows updates and I'm not sure if its related... My computer turns on from hibernation at 3am tries to do an update and then forces a restart (but ultimately the update fails).

Punch Card
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Re: u330 flashing white bar on screen

what OS are you guys running on ?

my u330 is on windows7 ultimate 32bit, and I have seen no white bars on my display...

anyway, maybe you could try install some new ati drivers, they will also update intel gpu drivers...

check out here on win7 u330 topic

drivers should work on xp/vista/se7en

sorry 4 bad english
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Paper Tape
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Re: u330 flashing white bar on screen

I also have this problem.


It happens now with BOTH intel and ATI cards activated.


Also can see a horizontal flickering discolored bar at the bottom of the screen when displaying on an external monitor via VGA port at 1280x720.  

Blue Screen Again
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Re: u330 flashing white bar on screen

[ Edited ]

same thing is happening to me and it is very very annoying.

i'm running windows 7,  reinstalled a few times, updated with latest drivers.

I actually have already payed $160 to have my screen replaced by Lenovo after my previous screen starting falling apart from the casing.  so if this is a hardware issue, I've had it with lenovo.


So yeah between this and the battery life being completely horrible, lack of promised updates, the U330 is the worst computer I've owned.

Paper Tape
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Re: u330 flashing white bar on screen

this is NOT a software problem.  It is hardware for sure.  I, as many, have used the temporary fix of pressing just below the bar and the screen returns to normal.  I have inserted a folded tissue paper in between the screen and computer portion and it helps as well.  As I mentioned in a previous post, it does it when hot or warmed up. 


This truley is a design flaw with the housing around the lcd.  It appears to be much to flexible and bends inward enough so that the screen connections become loose.  I have since stoped carrying it around so that nothing can apply pressure to the top when closed and it now sits at home and works fine with the less occasional white bar flicker that is easily fixed with a quick pressing just under the bar. 


I had called Lenovo and they said the repair cost would range from 150 to 300 since I am out of warranty.  Most likely 300 so I won't bother.  Very dissapointing to see no support person in this post.  I use nothing but thinkpads at work and thought it would be a great idea to go with an ideapad for home.  I will second guess that notion when it's time to get another laptop. 

Paper Tape
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Re: u330 flashing white bar on screen

[ Edited ]

Well the white flashing vertical bar is happening to me too.  Happens even at post so it is definitly a hardware issue.  Between my chassis being crooked, screen being washed out, poor battery life, how long it took to fix the windows 7 video card sleep issue, and now this; I will probably never buy a lenovo again.


To Lenovo: I used to recommend you to my Friends.  A couple of them even bought laptops from you.  I will no longer recommend your brand to others.

Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo U330 Blinking White Bar

[ Edited ]

It's been a very bad experience for having purchased a Lenovo U330 Laptop, I am quite sure that I am not alone with this problem of Blinking / Flashing White bar in the middle of the  screen, however, my story is very long and it implies the magnitude of disappointment I had for buying such a poorly designed laptop, in order to make my story structured, I will just add numbered list below with all the steps I have taken, It is a very long story, but If you have u330 you must read on and share your experience, here we go.

  • In February 2010 I bought a Lenovo U330 laptop, the laptop had a matt screen and that was one of the reasons I got it as I wanted to use it outdoors.
  • After 5 days of using the laptop I started getting a blinking white bar in the middle of the screen that was showing randomly but what I have noticed was that the rate of flashing was increasing whenever I played a video opening a window that had an animating objects.
  • I returned it to the store ( Sharaf DG in Dubai, United Arab Emirates ), and they have informed that they would give it to repair as it was already opened and used, I tried to convince them to give a replacement especially I have used it for less than a week, but they have said it can only be repaired.
  • After waiting for about 18 calendar days and after a lot of very long calls inquiring about the status of repair, I have eventually been informed that the laptop was repaired and so I have visited the store to get it, but I was shocked when I have seen that they have fixed a Glossy screen instead of the matt one, I was very frustrated that after waiting all that time I did not get the right repair. The store called the support engineer who has spoken to me and informed that the reason he has fixed a glossy screen that this u330 model shows this issue when it has a matt screen but the problem does not happen on matt screen, I didn't really get convinced and I felt that the guy was trying to get out of this awkward situation especially it does not really matter whether the screen is matt or glossy when it is just connect to the mother board via a jumper and wire. Furthermore, the guy did not take my permission prior to fixing a different screen than the one I have purchased. I then insisted that I need a matt and not a glossy screen, and requested replacement, they waited for another 7 days and eventually they gave me a new laptop with another serial number. I took the laptop and left the store.
  • After one month of using the laptop, guess what??, the problem came back a bloody white bar in the middle of the screen that is blinking in a crazy way that would never make you able to use the laptop, I have done two steps to troubleshoot the issue, first I have updated my graphics driver software, and problem was there, then I connected the laptop to my HDTV via an HDMI cable and the image was showing perfectly, this simply tells that the signal is OK from the video card and the problem lies with the LCD only, I also have installed Linux Bunt on the laptop, parallel to Window SO, and guess what the bar was there flickering, Conclusion is that the problem is with the screen and it has nothing to do with neither the SO nor the graphics card and the problem has happened on TWO different units, so it must be a design issue.
  • I took the laptop back to Lenovo and asked them to fix a glossy screen, though I have never wanted to have it, and they promised that with the glossy screen the problem would never come back, they fixed it and the laptop was fine for about 4 months, but eventually the problem came back and I gave the laptop again for repair but asked them to give a radical solution as it has become very clear that Lenovo is selling defective laptops!!! Now the laptop has been with Lenovo for over 3 weeks and it seems that they do not care about their customers anymore, I have requested for a proper compensation after all this hassle, at least I should get a new unit, but I say to myself what would be the value of a new one when the problem will come back regardless of having a glossy or matt screen!!!!!


    I am sorry for having thought of buying a Lenovo Product!!! 

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Re: Lenovo U330 Blinking White Bar

Given the number of replacements you've had, it makes me wonder if it is the LCD's ribbon cable, and not the LCD. The line does indicate an issue with the buffer, but given that 3 LCDs have gone down this path, it leads me to believe that there is an overly-high voltage on your video line that is causing the LCD controller to fault.


This means you'll need to send it to Lenovo again. However, given that it is under warranty, I would recommend making it clear that your laptop has been through numerous repairs for the same issue, and to have them install a new master LCD cable to further prevent more incidents.


Sorry I couldn't provide a better answer, I've had this happen on notebooks by Toshiba, out of warranty, and the cable costs $60, and requires a bit of work to actually install. It'd be best to leave it in Lenovo's hands.


As well, when you call in, request a repair history on the laptop. Good luck!

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Re: Lenovo U330 Blinking White Bar

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A lot of people are having this problem.

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