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Paper Tape
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u400 + Linux UBUNTU

Hello, i have one question. I want to install Ubuntu on my u400. Can I format disk, install ubuntu and work on it? but what if i wish to come back to Windows7? can i just press Recorvery button and install W7 as before? 

Will be there any problems with files format etc?

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Re: u400 + Linux UBUNTU

You should create a set of recovery discs before you install Ubuntu or alter any of the partition sizes because afterwards the one key recovery will not work; please refer to the top stickied thread in this board for more information.



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Re: u400 + Linux UBUNTU

I would also look up dual booting. It has always been possible to have two or more OSes in a PC, all you would have to do when start up the computer is choose which partition you would start with: Windows or Ubuntu. There are tons of videos of this online to help you. The only con to dual booting is that it may slow down your PC a bit, depending on which method you set it up with, but it is a very minute slow down.

I also believe there is a Win 7 emulator for Linux called Wine. I won't explain everything: I am only providing you the methods to fish, not the fish itself.

Good luck

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