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u410turns itself off completely with a noise even when its has been to the guarantee 3x


Hi. I have purchased a lenovo ideaPad U410 last christmas in a PC world shop (UK), it was a gift to my father, and when we were setting up windows. it turned itself off. We had no time to give it  back to the shop because we were trying to enjoy our holidays abroad.  we have tried many times to check what the problem was, spending money with expensive technicians,  but nobody got it right. We have sent it to lenovo guarantee services in Spain (where I live) once. They said they had fixed it, but it came back with the same problem. Then I ´ve sent it again.... and guess what? It came back with the same problem.  (i have both papers to prove, i can send you a copy) We could NEVER use this lap top during the whole year.Everytime we tried, it turned itself off . Now I have finally sent it to the UK to see if they can fix it there, paid 50 euros for the package, but to be honest, I am completely fed up.My guarantee ends in the end of the year (christmas). I really hope you can give me a new lap top that works, or my 500 pounds back, so I can buy a new one to my father. This has been a nightmare, waste of time. the company MEDION AG has it now, and the product reference number is IDEAPADU410AMBLTXI33217U4G5248MGB . Please someone follow up with this case. Cheers. 

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