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u430 support for network adapters

2015-05-14, 0:07 AM

After hours and hours of researching why 1) my laptop cannot see the 5 ghz antenna on my Nighthawkx6, 2) researching a solution/ordering/installing a "compatible" Intel 7260 AC chip, 3) reading about whitelists and other nonsense, and 4) spending all day on forums and Lenovo support to fix a known issue, I have finally reached a solution.


The phone support technician I spoke with said his software engineers have a fix for the u430 (and MANY other models) that have the "invalid network adapter" black screen problems.  The solution is.....pay for 1 year of advanced lenovo support and they can walk me trhough installing the patch!!!


Are you serious? He said my laptop is out of warranty....I said it is not an issue related to any warranty, he would agree, then repeat he can fix if I pay for support.  He somehow couldn't explain why his "go-to" rebuttle is referencing the laptops warranty, even though it is irrelevant.  


Can someone help me and the many other people who are having this problem with unknowingly buying a high performance laptop that doesn't support current wifi technology and PLEASE provide the patch so I can install the part I purchased (even though this laptop should have included)??


Any solution, advice, philosophical rhetoric, or useful response in any way would be greatly apprecited!


Thank you so much in advance - 




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Re: u430 support for network adapters

2015-05-24, 20:30 PM

Don't waste your time and money paying for support, you would be wasting more money than the cost of an upgrade and get nothing in return.

Your questions have already been answered in this forum but I'll sum them up below:

1. This laptop (as well as many more expensive ones, Yoga 2 Pro comes in mind) have been outfitted from the factory with an Intel 7260-N card (single band 2.4 Ghz). I was just as surprised as you are to discover it's only single band N but it was listed in the published specs so it's our fault for not checking the specs before buying it. Not that it would have stopped me from buying it just as the 4GB one memory slot didn't. I got an 8GB crucial stick for my U430 and upgraded my wife's laptop from 4 to 8 GB with the 4GB stick.

2. Wifi is easy and cheap to fix. Go to ebay and search for FRU 04W3814. This card is an Intel 7260-AC & BT 4.0, dual band AC. This FRU has been confirmed as whitelisted by several forum members and it's only about $27-$30.

Install the latest Intel drivers for 7260 (all variations of this card use the same drivers) and you should be good to go.

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