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wifi options limited by bios

2013-09-08, 5:05 AM

I regret that I was not an informed consumer when I purchased the Lenovo u430 (US).  I expected I could replace the Intel 7260-N with an Intel 7260-AC wifi card.


I was very disappointed when I received a BIOS message telling me an unauthorized wireless card was installed.


Will Lenovo release a BIOS update to allow at least an Intel 7260-AC wireless card in my Lenovo u430?


I would think twice about buying another Lenovo laptop, and have informed others that may not be hip to the limitations built into these laptops.


Thanks for any response that answers the question: will a BIOS patch be released to at least allow Intel 7260-AC swaps?


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Re: wifi options limited by bios

2013-09-08, 15:41 PM

Lenovo will never release a BIOS without a whitelist: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/General-Discussion/WWAN-and-wireless-card-BIOS-whitelists-Lenovo-COME-ON/td-p/952681


If you hacked the BIOS to remove the whitelist, you will void warranty if something goes wrong with your laptop or if you bricked your laptop because you flashed a hacked BIOS.


I'll help you out buying a Dual Band Wi-Fi that the U430 touch will accept without hacking your BIOS.


From the U430 touch manual, http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/detail.page?DocID=UM018443, here are the approved list of WLAN on pg 78 / 89 of the manual:


12 WLAN WiFi 2x2 BGN+BT4.0 Intel 7260BN 2x2BN+BT PCIE HMC WLAN
20200412 N
12 WLAN Non-Intel Wifi 2x2 ABGN+BT 4.0 combo Cbt BCM943228HMB 2x2ABGN+BT4.0 HMC WLAN
20200221 N
12 WLAN Non-Intel Wifi 2x2 ABGN+BT 4.0 combo Liteon WB222 2x2ABGN+BT4.0 HMC WLAN
20200225 N
12 WLAN WiFi 2x2 BGN+BT4.0 Intel 7260BN 2x2BN+BT PCIE HMC WLAN
20200412 N
12 WLAN Intel Wifi 2x2 BGN(tech ready) Intel 2200N MOW M PCIE NB HMC WLAN
20200048 *

 You can see that the the 2nd Wi-Fi card on the list is a dual band capable card.

If you decide to purchase that ABGN+BT 4.0 combo Cbt BCM943228HMB 2x2ABGN+BT4.0 HMC WLAN, you must purchase a Wi-Fi card with FRU P/N stamped on the card itself. See this picture below:






According to wikipedia list of Wi-Fi cards, the FRU P/N for that card is 04W3763. http://wikidevi.com/wiki/Lenovo_04W3763_(Foxconn_T77H365.01)


Just make sure that when you purchase the card, you have that "FRU P/N: 04W3763" stamped on the card since the generic versions of those cards will not work.


Here's one seller that sells this card: http://www.cdw.com/shop/products/IBM-NEW-WIRELESS-ADAPTER/2982553.aspx They require you to call in order to order, but that seller, CDW, is a reputable seller of many laptops and tablets.

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Re: wifi options limited by bios

2014-12-05, 2:14 AM
Hello cbautis2,

regarding your more than competent answer, I would like to ask you if you could help me with the same problem as jamespeek. Unfortunately enough, network configurations are not my field of expertise, and so I followed the instruction on http://tinyurl.com/l296l29.
So I got this card http://tinyurl.com/lqg23t5 (with the revised = better paradigm), and the same message about unauthorised network cards showed up. Would you know of any card which might be compatible, please?
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