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What's DOS?
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won't boot, usual tips have not worked, appreciate any help you can offer

ideapad u430 won't display anything, not sure if it boots or not.  probably not specific to the u430, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the following characteristics:

- has power: keyboard flashes once when power button is pressed.  power button stays lit and keyboard backlighting will activate.  power light and battery light illuminate.  battery will charge (can tell by the flashing battery indicator).  Will beep if power cable is unplugged so i know sound is getting power.  Fan spins and occasionally hear the hard drive

- have removed battery and power cord and pressed the power button for a minute before hooking ac power back up and rebooting.  No change.

- using a/c power without battery did not change anything

- completely drained battery and charged again to no effect

- hooked up to an external video display to no effect: with battery, a/c power, novo button, nothing displayed.

- novo button powers on machine to the same state as listed in the first bullet - no display

- removed hard drive and was able to access all the files via a usb enclosure hooked up to another laptop.

- reseated the RAM, wireless adapter, CMOS, and hard drive to no effect


laptop had been having issues with long install/boot times the past couple of months related to windows updates.

Even if the hard drive boot folder was corrupted, doesn't a motherboard based bios boot first?  not quite sure how it is set up on the u430s.

Any ideas from those more experienced?

Thanks in advance?!

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