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How to uninstall Lenovo Vantage and Lenovo System Interface Foundation by script

Lenovo Vantage and Lenovo System Interface Foundation (LSIF) can be uninstalled by script.  In the attached file, run "uninstall.bat" from an administrator command prompt.  You must reboot the PC after running this script.  The script performs the following actions:


1.  uninstall the Vantage application package (appx)

2.  uninstall Lenovo System Interface Foundation

3.  delete any registry settings (policies) that were in place for the previous installation




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bengalih On 2019-11-29, 19:52 PM

This uninstaller leaves things behind that prevent the reinstallation of the software.

Specifically, data in:



I've just put a PSA post here detailing my ordeal trying to fix Lenovo's poorly chosen update of Vantage to remove all helpful features.

I searched through many posts here, quite a few posted to by @someotherguy which were not very helpful or simply blamed user error or Microsoft on why Vantage wouldn't properly install.


Truth is, this appears to be a not uncommon error in that Vantage doesn't properly remove all of its remnants and reinstallation becomes impossible without cleaning up these folders manually.


Lenovo - you guys need to do better.  Don't fix what ain't broke and provide your users with a proper level of support - especially when those issues are due to your own machnications.

PatrickMLenovo On 2019-12-15, 23:14 PM

After executing the file "uninstall.bat" I get red messages "Access denied". I don't know if that's normal or not. By the way, I wanted to just confirm everything's uninstalled before setting up Lenovo Entreprise. I already uninstalled Lenovo Vantage and wanted to be sure. It is normal then?

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