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New version of Lenovo Vantage (10.xxxx) is missing features

This article was updated on August 27 to point to the new Enterprise version of Lenovo Vantage (20.1908.3.0).  It is exactly the same as the previous version, except a different version number.  This will prevent the Microsoft Store from updating it to the redesigned version of Vantage (10.xxxx)



 Vantage was automatically updated to version 10.xxxx (such as 10.1908.0), and some features are missing.



As of August 2019, the new version of Vantage is missing the following features:

    1.  Battery Gauge Reset

    2.  Battery status messages including battery charger status

    3.  Keyboard settings (FnLock defaults, Fn/Ctrl swap, Fn Sticky)

    4.  Trackpoint settings

    5.  Touchpad settings for non-precision touchpads

    6.  Hardware Diagnostics

    7.  Group policy settings (to control which features are shown/hidden to user)

    8.  UI themes such as Employee/Personal/Home&Office

    9.  Camera settings on all-in-one models



The new version of Vantage will be improved over time to add the missing features.  You can also install the Enterprise version of Lenovo Vantage to go back to the previous look-and-feel and avoid future updates.


1.  Save the following file to your PC:  Discovery_20.1908.3.0.zip

2.  From the folder where you saved the file, right-click on Discovery_20.1908.3.0.zip and choose "Extract All..."

3.  From the folder where you extracted the file in step 2, double-click on the APPXBUNDLE file (e55efa216a6d4f268b07c51d566b30d4.appxbundle)

4.  Follow the on-screen instructions to install or update the app.


Note:  the Enterprise version of Vantage is 20.xxxx, but is not in the Microsoft Store.  The version in the Microsoft Store is 10.xxxx.  The Microsoft Store will never attempt to update the Enterprise version, because 20.xxxx is greater than 10.xxxx.

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jeremiahs On 2019-08-09, 18:10 PM

Thank you for taking the time to write it up, and for your help in getting my situation sorted. I will add that in order to successfully revert back, I had to uninstall Vantage and the other components, and run the script that you wrote. For some reason simply right clicking/uninstalling didn't do the trick and components such as the new Vantage toolbar with the bogus 'security score' would still show up.


It is incredibly irresponsible of Lenovo to release a half-baked product missing a large number features, even more infuriating is that  they took the time to include numerous advertisements for McAfee, Dashlane, VPN services, and for the Legion Game Store. What makes all of this worse is that the update is forced on users.


Customers should not be burdened with the work required to revert back to an older version due to a forced, unconsented update, especially one that seems to be a beta version.


otyikondo On 2019-08-10, 11:56 AM

Yes, thanks for the input, which allowed me to restore the familiar interface, and I must agree with the previous poster that it was a bit much to lumber us with this flashy new Vantage when it was only half-finished. Hopefully we will be notified when it is ready for a proper roll-out in due course, even though I have instructed MS Store to turn off automatic updates.  

ahoellrigl On 2019-08-18, 7:08 AM

Thanks @someotherguy as well for this highly informative post. I had also faced the annoying experience that a working administrative tool named Vantage was automatically replaced by some half-finished work clogged with ads. With your help, I could revert back to version that works just fine on my ThinkPad T410.


Nevertheless, one question remains - is it possible to suppress auto-updating not as a general setting for the store, but per individual app? In principle, I am happy to receive newer versions of apps, but with Vantage, I would prefer to be cautious, since there is no official support from Lenovo for Win10 on the T410 and each update of that tool might thus be problematic for my configuration.


I have found out that the .zip archive with "Lenovo Vantage for Enterprise" (https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/hf003321) contains some .reg files like "LenovoVantage_disable_all_SystemUpdate.reg" or "LenovoVantage_disable_automatic_SystemUpdate.reg" and I just wonder whether they could do that job. Could you perhaps help here as well?

jeremiahs On 2019-08-19, 19:32 PM

The 'Enterprise' registry keys have no effect on the new version of Vantage, it doesn't respect the entries.


I am not aware of any way to stop the update, you have to manually set the updates to off in the Microsoft Store.


Once you install the older version of Vantage, read through the 'Deployment Guide' in that Enterprise zip file and it will show you how to use the Group Policy console to customize the features of Vantage (this won't work for the new Vantage either).



someotherguy On 2019-08-22, 14:53 PM

Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to stop the Microsoft Store from updating Vantage only, but still update every other app.  This may be a better question for a Microsoft forum.  


I can tell you that we are working on something that will allow you to pick what version of Vantage you want and then keep you on that version (including updates) going forward.  Hopefully next month.

-Raphael- On 2019-08-29, 9:53 AM

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to install the old version to recover the missing features. I must admit I was quite angry when I discovered that my ThinkPad was updated to a shiny new Lenovo Vantage which was missing the Battery Gauge Reset. 


That good old "form follows function" is still a thing to me, and it applies to software as well. To me it makes no sense to publish a newer version of a software that is an upgrade regarding design but a downgrade regarding functionality. I really hope this is nothing representative for future desicions by Lenovo.


That feature to allow the user to choose which version of Vantage he wants sounds promising. Thank you again!

erik_h On 2019-09-06, 14:39 PM

I stll don't see a way to turn of intelligent power, and  the most recent zip file did NOT include a deployment guide...


jeremiahs On 2019-09-06, 15:45 PM

The deployment guide is in the Enterprise zip: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/hf003321



Jeremy_W On 2019-09-07, 9:58 AM

I have an unexpected problem with this. I removed the MS Store version of Vantage and installed the Enterprise version as per the knowledgebase instructions. All seemed fine initially but after a restart the Vantage toolbar mysteriously changed to the 'new look' and will no longer open the Enterprise version installed. Starting the Vantage app directly and looking at the version number in the MS Store reveals that the Enterprise version is indeed installed. This situation persists even after doing a full Windows reset! So basically things are completely screw*d - I can't have the enterprise version working properly in conjunction with the toolbar and the 'new version' of Vantage will not install or update from the MS Store. I have absolutely no idea what to do.


This is a Thinkpad E590 running Windows 10 Pro.

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